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Finance Department

  1. Budget Staff Comment Form

    Use this form to submit your comments and questions to Budget Staff regarding the City's budget and financial planning.

Police Department

  1. Police Department Event Request Form

    Are you interested in a police officer attending or presenting at your community event? Please complete the accompanying form for... More…

Recreation & Parks

  1. Enroll in Change for Kids
  2. Facility Rental Estimate

    If you know your event details, you can input them here and we will email you a complete estimate for your event.

  1. Facility Rental - Basic Inquiry

    Complete the information requested below to have us contact you with more information about your requested facility.

Santa Rosa Water

  1. Earth Day 2018 - Sponsorship Commitment Application
  2. Speaker Request Form
  3. Water Bill Relief for Fire Protection Application

    On December 7, 2017, the Board of Public Utilities approved a ‘Billing Adjustments for Fire Protection Water Use’ policy. The policy... More…

  1. Earth Day 2018 - Vendor Application
  2. Update Resident Count

    Water Billing - Update Number of Residents in Household