Local Road Maintenance Program


Local Road Maintenance Program and Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Measure M provides 20% of its revenues for Local Street Rehabilitation. Rehabilitation funds are used on maintenance activities such as pothole repair, slurry seals, and overlays. In Fiscal Year 15/16 an estimated $987,974 was used for a pavement preventive maintenance contract on the following city streets: 

•Bennett Valley Road from Farmers Lane to Yulupa Avenue
•Bicentennial Way from Range Avenue to Mendocino Avenue
•Corby Avenue from Moorland Avenue to Corby Avenue extension
•Corby Avenue extension
•Montgomery Drive from Jackson Drive past Channel Drive

The City upgraded curb ramps to current ADA standards, removed and replaced failing asphalt using micro-surfacing and installed new traffic stripes and pavement markings on an estimated 4.5 miles of city streets. Class II bicycle lanes were considered and evaluated for each street and were added to the Bicentennial Way segment.  

Work completed with ITS funding: 

Measure M funds were used to maintain existing adaptive traffic control signals on College Avenue, Guerneville Road, Stony Point Road, and Mendocino Avenue totaling 46 signals. Santa Rosa Avenue is being converted to adaptive traffic control from Maple Avenue to Burt Street. Currently, Maple Avenue to Petaluma Hill Road has been converted, however, city staff are working with the vendor resolving some technical difficulties which has caused a slight delay in the southern portion of the project. Marlow Road at Jennings Avenue was converted to a Flashing Yellow Arrow (FYA) protected permissive signal in June 2016. 

Pavement Preventive Maintenance - Pre Construction

Pavement Preventive Maintenance - Post Construction