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Santa Rosa Water is working determinedly to verify the cause and repair our community's water infrastructure that was damaged as result of the October Wildfires.

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Fountaingrove Drinking Water Advisory 

On November 10, 2017, Santa Rosa Water issued a drinking water advisory for 13 homes in the Fountaingrove area. This advisory went into effect after elevated levels of benzene were detected in  the drinking water system. The advisory will remain in place until further notice.

Residents in the advisory area are advised to:
  • Do not consume tap water (this includes drinking, cooking, and brushing teeth) 
  • Do not allow pets to consume tap water
  • Limit use of hot water 
  • Limit shower time (use lukewarm water and ventilate area) 
  • Use a dishwasher to wash dishes and use air dry setting Wash clothing in cold water
  • Do not take baths 
  • Do not use hot tubs or swimming pools
FAQs Fountaingrove water quality advisory

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Fountaingrove Water Quality Advisory Area Map

Investigative Sampling

Since the fires, Santa Rosa Water has increased water sampling beyond that required by regulatory requirements to closely monitor the entire water system.

Outside of the advisory area – Water being supplied through water mains and services to homes, public facilities, and businesses meet all drinking water standards.

In a few instances of investigative sampling, Santa Rosa Water has found contamination in water services to destroyed properties -- none at existing (surviving) homes. At these locations, we have replaced water services and are resampling to verify that the contamination has been removed.

Inside the water quality advisory area - The highest levels of contamination are being found in investigative water samples taken from services to destroyed properties. We have also found elevated levels in water quality samples taken inside the advisory area in water mains and conveyance systems.

The below map shows post-fire drinking water quality sampling data and investigative sample results.

Post-fire Water Quality Investigation Map

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Legend for water quality sampling data map

Restoring Water Quality  


Santa Rosa Water will continue to take investigative samples of water services to properties impacted by the fires both inside and outside of the advisory area. This data is critical to determining the best course of action for repairing the damaged portions of the water system. Be assured, our engineers are already working on a range of options, from targeted repair to full replacement.

Rebuilding in the Advisory Area

The damaged water infrastructure will not hinder property owners' ability to obtain permits for rebuilding, but residents should be aware that they will not be able to connect to water service until this issue is resolved.

For information on the rebuilding process and permits, please contact the Resilient City Permit Center at 707-543-4649 or via email at rebuild@srcity.org. The permit center is located at 100 Santa Rosa Avenue, Room 6, Santa Rosa, 95404 and is open Monday – Friday from 8am to 5pm. You can also visit srcity.org/rebuild for additional information.

For water quality questions, please call 707-543-3965 or email waterquality@srcity.org. Our office hours are from 8am to 5pm Monday through Thursday and 8am to 4pm every other Friday.