Community Improvement Grants

The grant application period is now closed.

The Community Advisory Board's (CAB) Community Improvement Grant (CIG) Program supports community building, improves neighborhoods, and strengthens relationships among residents. Grants can include public and community improvements, community events and practices, and may include other elements and activities. All grant requests must be inclusive, accessible, free of charge to participants, and focus on broad community support. 

For more information about the CIG Program, please email the Office of Community Engagement or call 707-543-4696.

Completed CIG Funded Projects

signs outside welcoming people to an event

Homeless Talks (2016-2017)

Santa Rosa Together, along with Homeless Action and many other community partners, held 19 citywide community conversations on homelessness issues. Total meetings attendance was around 500 people and meetings included facilitated discussion about concerns and suggested solutions to the City's homeless crisis. The CAB CIG funding paid for food at meetings, as well as meeting supplies such as pens, paper and printing.

For more information about Homeless Talks and CAB's Housing for All work, please contact CAB Member Cecile Querubin.

The Roseland Cup (2016-2017)

The Roseland Cup brings together children and adult soccer players from the Roseland and southwest Santa Rosa area with local law enforcement officers to play in a soccer tournament. The event was held on October 1, 2016 at Elsie Allen High School and served 160 adults and 80 pre-teen youth. Twenty-six officers participated in the tournament. Food and trophies were provided to participates upon completion of the games. CAB CIG funding helped to pay for some of the youth jerseys.
children in soccer uniforms posing for photo with team trophy
Outdoor party table with food

Faith Lutheran Block Party (2015-2016)

On September 13, 2015, a block party was held at Faith Lutheran Church, in their back parking area and picnic grounds. About 120 church neighbors were invited to the party and members of the congregation volunteered their time to help set-up, run, and clean-up the event. In addition to neighbors and congregation members, the event was also attended by staff from Social Advocates for Youth, members of the Southeast Greenway Project, and Councilmember Julie Combs.CAB grant funds provided food and talent for this neighborhood event. 

Family Bingo for the Love of Books (2015-2016)

A one-time event called, Family Bingo for the Love of Books, was put together by Partners in Education for children and their families from the Roseland community. The project was designed to integrate with the community services that were being implemented at the newly opened Roseland Village Community Center and Roseland Library. Winners of the Family Bingo games were provided with gift cards to various book sellers in Santa Rosa, paid for with CAB CIG funding. 
children and adults at tables reading books
girl looking through microscope with teacher behind her helping

Microscope for Medical Lab (2015-2016)

The Bird Rescue Center, located in north west Santa Rosa, used their CIG funding to purchase a new high-quality biological compound microscope for their medical laboratory. The medical laboratory was created to improve the ability of their staff to care of ill, injured, and orphaned native wild birds, rather than transporting birds and specimens off-site for testing. 

Oakmont Life Long Learning Earmic Project

Each year in Oakmont, Oakmont Lifelong Learning (OLL) and Osher Lifelong Learning Institute @ Sonoma State University (OLLI@SSU) provide college-level classes for over 800 community residents. Classes are provided in a lecture format, which can be a challenge for those who have hearing loss. This project utilized CAB grant funding to purchase two ear microphone sets and associated cables. Class participants now have access to hearing support during their class lectures.

senior citizens sitting together in meeting listening to speaker
stainless steel refridgerator

Santa Rosa Village Food Bank Program (2015-2016)

Recognizing the need for food assistance for seniors at the Santa Rosa Village Mobile Home Park, the Homeowners Association was able to bring in donations of food from the Redwood Empire Food Bank to homeowners. However, it was quickly discovered that some of the donated food required refrigeration. A CAB grant was secured to purchase a refrigerator and other supplies for the storage of the donated food.

Santa Rosa Tool Library (2009 - Present)

The Santa Rosa Tool Library, a local community resource, lends a variety of tools out to community members who may not have access to the proper tools to complete their projects. The Tool Library uses CAB CIG funds to purchase new tools each year, based on demands from their borrowers. Tools have been used for many different projects such as community garden cleanups and building. For more information about the Tool Library, please contact Dustin Zuckerman.
people working in a community garden

Projects in Process

There are still many community projects happening in Santa Rosa, which are being funded by the Community Improvement Grant Program. Check back for updates, including photos, on the following projects:
  • CAP Sonoma Audio Visual Lending Library
  • Creating a Safe and Secure Community for Seniors
  • Homeless Action Sanitation Station Project
  • MLK-Juneteenth Festival
  • Orchard Street Mural
  • Painted Crosswalks at Mill Street and Sebastopol Avenue
  • Sam Jones Hall Community Garden
  • Sheltered Welcome Area at the First United Methodist Church
  • South Davis Kids Campout
  • Submit a Project Idea with the Latino Service Provider