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  Buy Santa Rosa -- Shop Local * Eat Local * Stay Local * Play Local

During this holiday season, it’s a great time to “Buy Santa Rosa.”  With the economy keeping most of us close to home, there are more reasons than ever to rediscover all the places to shop within our own city. Here’s why:

·         There’s so much to choose from here. You’ve got everything you need: from Coddingtown, to Downtown, to Santa Rosa Plaza, to Montgomery Village, there’s a variety of shopping opportunities to choose from. Whether you’re buying a car or a collectible, you’re covered.

·         You can help Santa Rosa keep its special charm. Spending your dollars locally helps keep the doors open at our own restaurants and stores you love. Those places of business are what make shopping trips feel like a special experience, even so close to home.

·         Saving gas makes total sense. Driving out of town doesn’t make sense with the price of gas taking a bigger bite out of everybody’s budget. And by visiting businesses within Santa Rosa, you’ll have the added benefit of helping reduce greenhouse gases.

·         It’s easier than ever to get to your favorite stores. With work on Highway 101 now essentially complete, it’s a just a quick and convenient drive to any of the major shopping areas within Santa Rosa.

·         Shopping dollars help hire police and firefighters and build roads. The sales tax revenues generated by local sales help provide police and fire services and help build parks and roads.

·         You help support worthy causes. Businesses in Santa Rosa support a lot of worthy causes by partnering with non-profit organizations to sponsor the great work that they do. It’s likely you or someone you know benefits from these causes.

·         Jobs stay here. Keeping jobs in the community with unemployment rising nationwide is more important than ever. Thriving businesses hire more people.

·         Knowing what’s here makes you a better shopper. There may be new shops and restaurants that have sprung up since you last spent “quality time” exploring what’s available here. What better way to learn about places where you can find those “one-of-a-kind,” hard-to-find gifts? And what better way to know where the best bargains are?

·         It’s great to shop where people know your name. There’s something to be said for becoming a regular, valued customer at a place close to home where they appreciate your return business.

·         Tourists like to visit places with great service and a good “vibe.” Visitors love to spend dollars in places that make them feel good, and healthy businesses are in the best position to offer them that experience. The upshot: tourism pumps dollars back into the local economy, which benefits everyone, and shopping locally will help that cause.