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Established March 2011

Purpose and Authority:
The purpose of this Task Force is to identify strategies to make Santa Rosa a stronger economic competitor. The Task Force is a collaborative effort involving private citizens, local government, the business community, and economic professionals.

This effort will combine the latest research and practices on successful approaches to economic vitality with strategies focusing on business retention, business expansion, and business recruitment. By committing to economic growth and competitiveness, the community is sending a clear message of support for sustainable job creation and improved quality of life for all residents. Ultimately, we envision a community that is a highly desirable place to live, work, and play.

The Task Force is comprised of key stakeholders who provide leadership and direction by identifying best practices and policy considerations for the public and private sectors and monitoring the effectiveness of the effort. The Task Force fills a critical role in representing the interests of various community stakeholders; it is also a deliberate effort to involve them in mapping the needs, strategies, and impact of the work that is done.

The Task Force’s authority shall be advisory only, and it will provide periodic updates or reports as part of the Economic Development Quarterly Report to the City Council. If action by the City Council should be required, such recommendations will be submitted for consideration by the City Council through the regular agenda process.

The Task Force is a special committee created by the Mayor to study important public policy matters and shall be subject to the open meeting laws pursuant to state law. Therefore, all meetings of the Task Force shall be properly noticed by publication of the agenda in accordance with the Brown Act and be open to the public with opportunity for public comment. Summary minutes shall be maintained of the meetings.

The Mayor has appointed the following members to the Task Force:

- Chair, Council Member Jake Ours
- Vice Mayor John Sawyer
- Cynthia Murray – North Bay Leadership Council
- Jane Bender – Concerned Citizen/Former Councilmember
- Paul Schwartz – Commercial Real Estate Broker
- Bill Silver – Dean of Sonoma State University School of Business and Economics
- Tanya Narath – Leadership Institute for Ecology and the Economy
- Jonathan Coe – Executive Director, Santa Rosa Chamber of Commerce
- Stephen Gale – Wellspring Business Development
- Robert Cantu – North Coast Builders Exchange
- Lisa Schaffner – Sonoma County Alliance
- Andy Ramos - Redwood Credit Union

All Task Force members shall serve at the pleasure of the Mayor. Any vacancies or additions will be filled in the same manner as original appointments.

Officers and Staffing:
The Mayor shall appoint a Councilmember as the Chair of the Task Force. The Chair shall preside over the Task Force meetings and set the agenda. The Vice Chair shall be appointed by the Chair. The Vice Chair shall execute all powers and duties of the Chair in the absence of the Chair.

The Department of Economic Development and Housing will provide staff support to the Task Force for agenda preparation, information gathering, and arrangements for guest speakers, all to the extent permitted by staffing and budgetary limitations. The City Manager’s Office will provide staff support for meeting notification, meeting minutes, and other clerical support as needed. All notices, agendas, and minutes will be posted to the City’s website. There is no budget allocation for the work of the Task Force, and participation on the Task Force is as a volunteer.

Task Force Procedures:
The Task Force will hold meetings at a time and place to be determined by the Chair in consultation with the membership. Meeting dates, times, and location will be posted on the City website.


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