St. Joseph Health System
Phone: (707) 546-3210

Sutter Medical Center
30 Mark West Springs Rd.
(707) 576-4000

Memorial Hospital
1165 Montgomery Dr.
(707) 546-3210

Kaiser Hospital
401 Bicentennial Way
(800) 464-4000

 Fire Stations

In an EMERGENCY dial 911 or (707) 576-1365 from a Cell Phone

 Local Resources

City of Santa Rosa > Emergency Information


Please report any smoke or fire by calling 911. 


Residents within our Willdland Urban Interface areas of Santa Rosa are encouraged to review the following information and help reduce the threat of a significant wildfire.  This includes portions of our City such as Oakmont, Wild Oak, White Oak, Fountaingrove, Annadel Heights, Bennett Valley Heights, Fairway Estates & Skyhawk.

  • Is your landscaping a fire waiting to happen? Use fire-resistive vegetation around your home. What to avoid? Cypress, Juniper, Eucalyptus, Palms and Pines
  • Do you have a proper defensible space around your home? The goal is for fuel reduction. It is recommended that defensible space around a structure to extend for at least 100 feet in all directions. This means plants are selectively thinned and pruned to reduce the combustible fuel mass of the remaining plants. 
  • Follow the zone rules:

 Zone 1 – the 1st 30 ft. in this zone should be "low, lean and green."

 Zone 2 – 30 -100 ft. is the "Reduced Fuel Zone" around a structure needs to have fuels/vegetation separated vertically and horizontally depending on the vegetation type. This is done by: thinning, pruning, and removal of selected vegetation; and ‘limbing-up’ trees (6ft. from ground) from the lower vegetation and the lateral separation of tree canopies so they do not touch one another so fire cannot ‘jump’.

  • Make sure all street signs, and homes clearly identified with the numerical address to assist Fire Department access.


For information on the Weed Abatement Program, please CLICK HERE 

Defensible Space    http://www.readyforwildfire.org/

Ready Set, Go vegetation management    http://readysetgooc.org/vegetation-management/

Ready, Set, Go (videos)   http://readysetgooc.org/


satellite imageFebruary Storm Update
Santa Rosa
For up-to-date information regarding the February 2015 weather event, please check Santa Rosa's Emergency Information page at SRcity.org/Emergency

 What You Can Do On Your Own

*The City of Santa Rosa with American Red Cross and other agencies has identified City Community Centers, High Schools, Middle Schools and other facilities to help address sheltering needs for our community and for special, access and functional needs individuals and groups.  During and/or after an emergency, information on those facilities will be provided through public press release releases.

 During an Emergency




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 Non Emergency Numbers

Police Department
(707) 543-3600

Fire Department
(707) 543-3500

Water Department
(707) 543-3805

Gas & Electric (PG&E)
(800) 743-5000

Telephone (AT&T)
(800) 288-2020

AT&T uVerse Video
(888) 320-2167

Comcast (CableTV)
(800) 266-2278