January 24, 2007


Present: Nancy Wang, David Johnson, Don Taylor, Bonnie Hasenbeck, Lee Dibble, Marvin Mai, Lois Hopkins, Vallena Harris, Chris Carrieri, Carolyn Duke, Ai-Chu Wu


Guest: Anne Hudgins


New Member Introductions


New members Lois Hopkins, Vallena Harris and Carolyn Duke introduced themselves. Lois shared a copy of the Neighborhood Alliance Final goals, pointing out that Goal #4 related specifically to CAB.

ACTION: Place item on agenda for discussion on Goal #4 of the Neighborhood Alliance Goals.

ACTION: Chris suggested that we reinforce with Neighborhood Alliance and other neighborhood leaders that the first 30 minutes is devoted to time for them to share their thoughts and ideas.


Lois also pointed out that some members of the Alliance are not sure that the CAB is really in touch with what neighborhoods needs are. She encouraged CAB members to attend meetings and suggested that the model used by the City of Sacramento be explored.

ACTION: CAB should discuss bullet point #3 under Goal #4 and ask for a presentation from the Police Department.


Hopes and Dreams for 2007 CAB


Each CAB member shared what they would like to accomplish this year on CAB:


Lee: would like a quorum at the meetings.


Ai-Chu announced she has to resign based on her teaching schedule this semester. She wished the group good luck.


Nancy: help community understand what government is doing and be a bridge to city government.


Dave: be available as a resource to help resolve problems.


Don: Finalize the grant program, spend the money and accomplish the projects.


Bonnie: wants to fund some good programs and work more closely with the Neighborhood Alliance.


Vallena: understand how CAB fits into the structure and get more people from her area active.


Marvin: wants closer communication with City Council, staff and neighborhoods.

ACTION: Dave will send out flyer to post on bulletin boards about being a resource.


Lois: none since this was her first meeting.


Chris: would like enhanced communication within CAB core area and better communication among all seven areas.


Carolyn: wants to be active and involved. She is a mover and shaker and wants action like trash clean up, environmental waste, etc.


Grant Application


The CAB reviewed the draft grant application.

ACTION: Add a piece about process

ACTION: discuss at next meeting


Staff indicated that City Council is holding their goal session on Friday and Saturday. The Mayor is interested in asking CAB to take on organizing around COPE.


Meeting adjourned at 7:30 p.m.