April 26, 2006

Present: Rita Runyan, Sally Mullen, David Johnson, Chris Carrieri, Bonnie Hasenback, Alby Manuel, Ryan Styles

Excused: Ai-Chu Wu, Nancy Wang, Lee Dibble, Marvin Mai


Steve Birdlebough requested he have time on a future agenda to present the SMART program to the CAB and neighborhood leaders.
ACTION: The executive committee will include a presentation on a future CAB agenda.

Chairperson Mullen said she is making a request on behalf of Jim Wilkerson who asked if Santa Rosa would consider being part of a Preserve America Community. Santa Rosa Past is thinking of submitting an application.


Chairperson Mullen shared that she had met with three neighborhood groups about earthquake preparedness. She said it was fun, and a great way to meet people interested in their neighborhoods. She encouraged others to set up meetings.

Minutes for the February 22 and March 22 meetings were not approved due to a lack of quorum.


Joel Dyer from Public Works presented a review of the City's graffiti program. What he needs from the CAB is: volunteers, people to adopt an area, CAB members to call the hotline to turn in the addresses, organize group effort for painting out graffiti and help educate the community.


The group reviewed a draft document from staff and made several changes.
ACTION: Staff will get it on a Council agenda in the next six weeks.


Reports were given by Infrastructure, Environmental, Gangs
ACTION: Ryan wants to join the Economic Development Subcommittee.


Rita reported that Mike Runyan is the co-chair of the Gang Task Force and has started a new program called HOPE Works which is a jobs program for kids in gangs.

Chris said that there is a stronger relationship and collaborative between Burbank Gardens and Juilliard Park neighborhoods.

Bonnie asked that at a future meeting we discuss Executive Board appointments.
Sally reported there are three more meetings on the Station Area Plan scheduled in the next month.

The meeting in May was canceled because it was the Board and Commission BBQ that evening.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.