Community Advisory Board


March 22, 2006


Members Present: Sally Mullen, Donna Zapata, Lee Dibble, Rita Runyan, Nancy Wang, David Johnson, Marvin Mai, Bonnie Hasenbeck, Evelyn Alvarado-Kistler, Chris Carrieri, Alby Manuel


Staff: Pat Fruiht, Mali Lopez


Guest: Anne Hudgins, Steve Rabinowitsh




Anne Hudgins asked about the process on the neighborhood organizing brochure. Sally indicated that we now have a website that has taken the place of the brochure.




John Sutter representing the Neighborhood Alliance indicated that the Alliance is working together to speak with one voice on issues that impact neighborhoods. He, along with others, will be attending the CAB meetings to share their thoughts about issues and would appreciate CAB feedback.


Charlotte Leiss said we could add to the neighborhood website page.


June Michaels said she hoped to find ways that her area could work with the CAB.


Jim Wilkinson shared that he felt strongly that we needed to prioritize the historic inventory for historic neighborhoods.

ACTION: Add Neighborhood Website to the find it fast and to the new eServices page.

ACTION: Steve Rabinowitsh said he wanted to work with CAB on identifying resources for the historic inventory.




Mali Lopez presented a comprehensive overview of the NRP program. She explained they were working in five neighborhoods: Sunset, Corby/Olive, Apple Valley, South Park and Aston.  She invited CAB to attend the Kids Day at the Main Library on April 22 at 10:30 AM.




Lee Dibble shared a report that was recently presented to the Infrastructure Strategic Plan committee about the backlog of needs on infrastructure. He encouraged CAB to get a copy and review it since it was a very educational report and would be useful to help explain to citizens why some of the issues existed on city streets. No ACTION




Sally indicated she had spoken to elementary school principals and had given them CAB member cards and encouraged them to contact the CAB members.

ACTION: CAB members should call the Principals in their area, introduce themselves and follow up to see if they can get on the PTA or staff meetings to share information about preparedness. Also, CAB was encouraged to share information about graffiti abatement.


ACTION: CAB was reminded about the booth for the April 22 Safety Fair. It was distributed. The following members agreed to staff the booth:


9-11: Evelyn and Rita

11-1: Donna and Bonnie

1:00-3:30: Chris (only to 2:30) and Sally




Each CAB member shared their perspective of what they thought CAB was going to be and how it related to City Council.

ACTION: Staff will prepare a report for the next meeting for CAB review.

ACTION: Once the report was finalized, CAB would have a joint session with City Council to review recommendations.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35 p.m.