Community Advisory Board
December 21, 2005

Present: Nancy Wang, Rita Runyan, Lee Dibble, Mike Behler, Sally Mullen, Bonnie Hasenbeck, Donna Zapata, David Johnson, Ai-Chu Wu, Don Taylor, Marvin Mai
Excused: Derrick Castillo, Evelyn Alvarado-Kistler, Chris Carrieri, Sam Rosales,

Absent:  Cassie Beldon, Luis Marquez, Alby Manuel

Staff:  Patricia Fruiht
Chairperson Sally Mullen called the meeting to order at 5:30.  Nancy Wang brought up an issue that she would like the CAB to check into. Evidently, the City raised the residential alarm fee significantly and she wondered how the decision was made.
ACTION: Ask someone to come and discuss how fee structure is set.
Sally reported that at the Mayor's monthly luncheon there was a discussion about how the affordable housing fee was established and there was discussion about the Asset/Resiliency model.

David Johnson shared an article from the Oakmont News about earthquake preparedness and explained the basics of their neighborhood based program.
ACTION: David suggested that the CAB work with the Neighborhood Watch contacts as a first way to get folks interested in small presentations.
ACTION: CAB will contact Pat if they are able to set up a meeting. Staff will accompany CAB to the presentations, help with the technology end and answer questions. CAB can serve as the facilitator and getting the meetings set up. Pat urged the CAB to set the meetings up in January and February.
Lee distributed a sheet with a number of websites that had great information and encouraged the CAB to review them.
ACTION: Ask Chris to send details about the Burbank Gardens meeting so CAB members can attend.
Marvin reported he will be using the Bennett Valley Vision group to help distribute the information about preparedness in Bennett Valley.

Pat distributed the results of the survey. She requested that CAB take a look at the written comments and then we will discuss at our next meeting.
ACTION: Stephanie will send results to the CAB members who were unable to attend the meeting.

Economic Development: Mike and Marvin said the primary focus of the meeting this month was on downtown and a quarterly report on revenues.

Customer Service: Don distributed a sheet that outlined the four-star approach the City is planning on implementing citywide this next year.

Technology: Ai-Chu indicated that the program is moving. There will be a eConnect launch in January to help educate the citizens about the new online services being offered.

Gangs: Donna attended a meeting on Dec. 14th with the Mayor and others about a successful program in Fresno that the Mayor hopes to offer here in Santa Rosa.

Downtown: Marvin said the discussion was primarily on the Hwy. 101 widening project and the impact to downtown as well as the reunification of Courthouse Square.

Inclusivity: The meeting was canceled in November.

Traffic: Streets Smarts program is moving forward with the first focus on school/pedestrian safety. David and Nancy shared that there was a good discussion about teen driving and the different approaches the State is looking at.

Neighborhood Vitality: Lee and Sally summarized the services that Mali Lopez is providing to the Neighborhood Revitalization Program neighborhoods.
ACTION: Invite Mali to our next meeting to share her insights.
Sally asked CAB members if they would like to participate in the restructuring discussion with Councilmember Pierce and if so, to attend the CAB Executive Committee meeting on January 11 at 3:30.
Adjournment: 7:15 p.m.
Next meeting: January 25, 2006.