Community Advisory Board
October 26, 2005

Members Attending: Sally Mullen, Don Taylor, Nancy Wang, Chris Carrieri, Mike Behler, Lee Dibble, Rita Runyan, Bonnie Hasenbeck, Marvin Mai, Ai Chu Wu, Sam Rosales


Some of the issues that were brought to the table were restructuring or redrawing the areas that CAB members represent.  Look at reducing or restructuring the size of the CAB based on difficulties getting members to regularly attend meetings.  There was discussion about looking at Oakmont and the JC to have its own CAB representative. Council wanted to know why CAB felt that the areas were too big.  Councilman Sawyer felt that Council Members and CAB should get together three times a year instead of once.  Open communication was stressed between Council Members and CAB.

Council and CAB decided to form a subcommittee led by Councilman Pierce and members of the executive committee to look at restructuring the CAB and the areas that members represent.


Mayor Bender would like the CAB to move forward with a plan to inform citizens of the city of Santa Rosa on the importance of disaster preparedness.  It was felt that grass roots, block by block efforts would be the best way to get the information out.  Mayor Bender would like the CAB to present a work plan by mid January.  City staff, as well as members from Police and Fire will help with education.  A subcommittee was formed and is made up of Don Taylor, Lee Dibble, Dave Johnson, Pat Fruiht, and Sally Mullen. 


November 16th at Steele Lane
December 21st at Steele Lane


Economic Development:  Mike – Committee met on the 17th.  Talked about Measure M money and developing a five year plan.  Current projects are West 9th St., overlay on Steele Lane; and implementing the ITS system along College Ave.  Community Development – All employees have been through customer service training and management has implemented performance goals for employees.  Access Santa Rosa is enhancing the City's Website and implementing more e-government services.  There will be a need to make the community aware that the City has as website.  Marketing - City is working with Sonoma County Tourism on branding, advertisements have been taken out in national tourism magazines, and working on bringing business to the area.  Chris questioned where the community input is coming from.

Customer Service:  Don – Group got together to look at what customer service really is; interviewed local businesses on their thoughts about customer service.  Chuck Regalia discussed Community Development's changes around customer service and creating a model that can be implemented through out City Departments.  Community Development is attempting to implement 5-Star Service.  

Tech:  Ai Chu – Changed meeting time to November 3rd. 

Gangs:  No report.

Environment:  Chris – CH2MHILL did a presentation on case studies around climate protections from three different cities: Fresno, Seattle, and a town in the Netherlands. 

Downtown:  No report.

Inclusivity:  Nancy – Talked about the International Parade on September 23rd. Nancy talked about the City employee potluck lunch that was cancelled.  The 2nd Annual Race Equality Week was held at Finley and was a big success; there were at least 1000 people that attended.  The group did a Study Circle exercise around Cultural Competency.

Traffic:  No report.  Chris would like the pedestrian master plan to be addressed by this group. 

Infrastructure:  No report, no recent meeting.

Neighborhood Vitality:  Chris – City staff has presented on a variety of topics and is going to focus on neighborhood revitalization in the South Park neighborhood.  The plan is going to concentrate on informing off site property managers on what their responsibilities are as managers of these properties.  Revitalization areas are determined by numbers of calls for service from public safety, code violation and the number of rentals in an area. 


Northeast:  Citizen wrote a letter to Councilman Blanchard regarding traffic issues on Pacific Avenue.  It was discussed that the CAB should inform the citizen on what things are going on in that area regarding traffic and speeding. 
Core:  Chris attended a St. Rose Neighborhood Association meeting in which Nick Baker of Catholic Charities spoke about Samuel Jones Hall being used as a year round facility and the target population being single adults.  The Armory will not be open this year.  Guy Preston from Sonoma County Transportation Authority (SCTA) is the point person with regards to the Highway 101 widening and ramp and road closings in the neighborhoods bordering 101. 

JC:  Sally – the JC area had a meeting about the Carr Avenue Development of multiple housing units.  Sally reminded the JC neighborhood to voice their concerns at City Council or Planning Commission meetings regarding their feeling on the projects. 

Ai Chu asked to be removed from the Inclusivity list.