Community Advisory Board
September 28, 2005

Present: Rita Runyan, Lee Dibble, Mike Behler, Sally Mullen, Bonnie Hasenbeck, Donna Zapata, David Johnson, Alby Manuel, Ai-Chu Wu, Sam Rosales, Chris Carrieri, Evelyn Alvarado-Kistler
Excused: Nancy Wang, Derrick Castillo

Absent:  Cassie Beldon, Luis Marquez, Don Taylor, Marvin Mai,

Staff:  Patricia Fruiht, Ed Baker

Ed Baker, Deputy Director-Public Works, Engineering gave a brief overview of the Capital Improvement Program (CIP), stating it was for projects over $100,000. Funding comes from a variety of sources, most are earmarked for specific type projects or specific geographical areas, so there is very little discretionary funding available for projects. Staff developed a "wish list" based on several factors, including citizen requests. The list is then prioritized partly based the following criteria: funding source, the pavement management system, traffic divisions "warrants" and if it is a safety project.
ACTION: What CAB could do:
Review the projects, not just Public Works but Utilities, Parks and Facilities projects also, to determine if the priorities listed make sense from the community perspective. Ed will need the information by mid January.
ACTION: Ed will forward the preliminary spread sheet and break it down into the planning quadrants and city wide projects by early January.

Economic Development: The Black Chamber and Hispanic Chamber visited the committee, got a technology update from the new IT director, reported on a meeting with North Bay Business Journal.

Technology: Ai-Chu indicated that there is room for another CAB member to be involved in technology.

Environment: Photovoltaic at fueling station, working on greenhouse gas issue.

Downtown: Nothing to report.

Inclusivity: "Guess Who is Coming to Dinner" very successful, Race Equality Week Oct 15-23.

Traffic: Street Smart program moving forward.  ACTION: Invite Rob and Jason to meeting to discuss Street Smarts

Neighborhood Vitality:  Group shared code enforcement cases on a map, Apple Valley and Aston has their own neighborhood organizer through NRP.

Disaster Preparedness: Doing an education program in April, and a commemoration on April 18th of the 1906 earthquake.

Study Session with City Council on Oct. 18. We want to make sure there is discussion about structure, are we doing what they want us to and commitment and communication.
ACTION: Call Don and Cassie about attendance
ACTION: Add new CAB members to the distribution list for Jeff Weekly.
ACTION: Develop and send out an attendance sheet from Jan-Oct
ACTION: Bring extra copies of the blue brochure to next meeting.
ACTION: Exec committee will decide holiday schedule dates.
ACTION: Bring back discussion on the neighborhood funds process.
Donna said she would not be at the October meeting
Meeting Adjourned at 7:30 p.m.
Next Meeting: October 26, 2005