Community Advisory Board
July 27, 2005

Present: Donna Zapata, Nancy Wang, Rita Runyan, Sally Mullen, Bonnie Hasenbeck, Lee Dibble, Cassie Beldon, David Johnson, Mike Behler, Chris Carrieri, Don Taylor
Excused: Sam Rosales, Ai-Chu Wu, Derrick Castillo
Chair Sally Mullen called the meeting to order at 5:40 p.m. There were two corrections to the minutes: Chris does not participate on the waterways advisory committee but keeps informed of the process. Lee did not say that the budget was adopted as part of his committee report.

Sally reported that Paul McKairnes had to resign because of work related issues. She encouraged CAB members who might know of someone in the Southwest to contact John Sawyer. She also said that Sam's mother had a stroke so Sam needs to take some time to address the care issues.

The group did an exercise to try to get better connected with each other.

Sally reiterated that the CAB's role and mission is to get views from the public to the Council. It might be around a specific issue, or it could be areas of concern in general. She encouraged CAB members to get out in the community. Cassie and Sally are walking the area in the Southeast to start opening the lines of communication. There was discussion that the "choir" are the ones present and that we need to find a way to reach out to even the rest of the CAB.
Sally suggested that perhaps the CAB needs to meet twice a month. Once would be strictly business and education and the second meeting would be to report from the areas and strategy plan issues and give time for the areas to meet and develop outreach plans.
The group decided that since it was hard to get a commitment for a once a month meeting, it would be even more difficult for a twice a month meeting.
ACTION: Staff will place the Role, Mission on the August agenda.
ACTION: Staff will again talk with City Council and ask them to check in with their CAB members, especially those who are having difficulties making the meetings.
ACTION: The CAB agreed that the Chair needs to start the meeting on time, even if there is not a quorum.
ACTION: Staff will work with City Council to set up a study session to discuss CAB, how it is going, what they are doing and what the Council might want them to be involved in.
ACTION: David suggested that City Council consider advertising for the CAB vacancies, since it is different than the regular board and commissions. Staff will forward the suggestion to City Council to see if there is interest.
Meeting was adjourned at 7:30 p.m.