Community Advisory Board

Members in Attendence:  Trey Dunia, Donna Zapata, Caroline Banuelos, Nancy Wang, Sally Mullen, Paul McKairnes, Dan Galvin, Mike Arendt, Mike Behler, Sam Rosales, Eugene Mijares, Steve Miksis, Benita Kimball, Paul Donaldson

Excused Absence: Amy Bolten, Alan Milner, Ai-Chu Wu, Dave Johnson

Other absents:  Mark Bodenhamer, Monica Baldenegro, Nick Caston

Guests: Greg Parker, Denise Hill, Annette Townley, Barre

Chairperson Galvin called the meeting to order at 5:31 p.m. Introductions were made and minutes were approved from the May 26 meeting.

Greg Parker and Denise Hill from St. Rose Neighborhood explained they were concerned about the traffic issues that could be generated by the reunification of Courthouse Square. They indicated no traffic studies were completed for the surrounding neighborhoods as part of the land use plan for the reunification. They explained that the roadwork on Mendocino Avenue is having a major impact to their neighborhood and feel that the reunification also might generate additional local traffic.

ACTION: Pat will copy the information for the CAB. 
ACTION: Dan will include information in the memo that is being sent to Council regarding Courthouse Square

Dan explained he is not clear what the Council sees as the role for CAB in this issue. There was general agreement that there was not clarity and there is concern that the CAB not become a political body. There was recognition that it was difficult to remain neutral, but the CAB hoped to have issues that are not already politicized or are early enough in the process where the public can really weigh in the issue. Eugene stated he was more concerned about the sales tax issue than Courthouse Square.

ACTION: Chairman Galvin will send memo to City Council expressing the CAB's concern over communication channels and how issues were given to the CAB and asking for clarification on the Courthouse Square issue and what, if any, the Council sees as its role.

Steve requested that each CAB member respond to his email on the Close to Home article, even if it is as simple as it "looks fine".

ACTION: The Close to Home article will be finalized and approved at the next CAB meeting.

SE is hearing about traffic concerns about changing Bethards and Yulupa.
SW: Paul reported he attended the SW Business Association and found out about a couple of projects: widening of Stony Point Road, a new Jiffy Lube that took 4 years to get approval and that SW lost several other business opportunities due to issues within City government.

CAB members met with Neighborhood Leaders in May. They are experiencing some of the same frustrations as CAB in terms of communication.
ACTION: CAB members will continue to attend Neighborhood Leaders and provide support to the group.

Annette Townley, Executive Director of North Bay Consensus Council, provided a two-hour training on assessment tools and techniques. She focused on neutral communication and on how to identify which technique is most effective in different situations. She provided several handouts to the group.

Meeting adjourned at 8:15 p.m.