Community Advisory Board Minutes

Members Present: Paul Donaldson, Paul McKairnes, Trey Dunia, Sam Rosales, Eugene Mijares, Dan Galvin, Steve Miksis, Mike Behler, Nancy Wang, Alan Milner, Nick Caston, Mike Arendt, Donna Zapata

Members Absent: Monica Baldenegro, Ai-Chu Wu, Caroline Banuelos, David Johnson, Sally Mullen, Mark Bodenhamer, Amy Bolten

Staff: No Staff Present

Meeting called to order by Chairman Galvin at 5:34pm Welcomed new member Mike Arndt who is taking the place of Ron Casentini. CAB members introduced themselves for Mike’s benefit.

Chairman Galvin agreed to record the minutes.

Chairman Galvin announced the resignation of Rev. Tom Kimball. Trey Dunia requested that we ask the Council to consider appointing a Latino representative to fill Kimball’s term. The Board concurred in this request.

There were no Public Appearances.

Agenda Item VII-Report: Progress of Asset Mapping

Nancy Wang requested that we take agenda item VII out of order as she had to leave the meeting early. Nancy reported on the upcoming International Parade scheduled for September 25 and the follow up picnic on October 3. She encouraged the CAB to support and participate in the events. She also reported on her meeting with residents in the Skyhawk subdivision, and her plans to meet with youth leaders from the Community Baptist Church and Coddingtown Shopping Center.

Agenda Item III- Minutes of 4/28 meeting approved unanimously (Behler motion- Wang second).

Agenda Item IV- Review of Shelter Conditional Use Permit

Trey Dunia reported that the conditional use permit information will not be available until 5/14, with the Council to meet and potentially vote on it on 5/18. The feeling among the members was that this was too short a time for any review of the conditions. A discussion was had regarding potentially requesting that the Council postpone a vote on the use permit, and/or refer the process to the CAB for review and recommendation. A motion was made (Caston) and seconded (Zapata) that the CAB request that the Council refer the use permit issue to the CAB for its review and recommendation. After much discussion (and a call by Trey Dunia to Councilman Blanchard), the motion failed by a vote of 9-3 against. Steve Miksis commented after the above discussion on the importance of the CAB maintaining its impartiality and neutrality to both the Council and the Community.

Agenda Item V- Mission Statement Review

A discussion was had regarding the draft of the Mission Statement and Action Plan. Nick Caston shared his recommended changes, as did Mike Behler. A motion was made by Trey Dunia (seconded by Paul McKairnes) that we approve the Mission Statement and Action Plan as submitted by Amy Bolten with the stipulation that it be reviewed in three months. The motion was amended by Nick Caston (seconded by Dunia) that the Mission Statement be revised to be the final paragraph of the drafted Action Plan, and that the original drafted Mission Statement be added as Action Plan #10. The Board then reviewed Mike Behler’s revisions to the now proposed Mission Statement and the motion was amended to include his revisions. The motion as twice amended was passed unanimously. The Mission Statement shall now read: “The Community Advisory Board is an advisory body to the City Council, a resource for the community, City Council and City Staff, and a way to get the broad spectrum of voices in the community heard.” The Action Plan as adopted is the same as the Bolten draft, except that the last paragraph (now the new Mission Statement) is eliminated, and the old Mission Statement is Action Plan #10.

Agenda Item VI- Neighborhood Leaders Forum

In the absence of Sally Mullen, this matter was continued to the next meeting’s agenda. The Neighborhood Leaders meet on the 3rd Friday of the month at noon at the Finley Center. Paul McKairnes volunteered to talk to Sally Mullen and assist in the interfacing of the CAB with the Neighborhood Leaders. Nick Caston mentioned a possible social gathering between the two groups.


Alan Milner reported that Empire College has a space for us for our meetings. He suggested that he and Pat Fruiht visit the college, and if the room looks good, to book it for our upcoming meetings.

Alan Milner requested that the issue of district elections be an agenda item. After discussion, it was agreed that we would postpone a discussion of district elections until we see if it qualifies for the ballot on the next election.

A further discussion took place on the “Asset Mapping” efforts of the CAB. It was agreed that an agenda item for each meeting should be a report by each of the seven areas on their activities to asset map, meet with various groups, etc. The need for involvement in activities such as the Wednesday Night Market, Rose Parade, etc., was a consensus of the group.

The meeting adjourned at 7:20pm. The next meeting is on May 26 at 5:30, place to be determined.

Agenda items for next meeting: Group reports on Asset Mapping efforts. Update on Homeless Use Permit process Relationship with Neighborhood Leaders Group