Mayor Condron called the meeting to order at 4:05 p.m.

Councilmembers Present: Mayor Condron and Councilmembers Vas Dupre, Rabinowitsh, and Runyan.

Councilmembers Absent: Vice Mayor Martini and Councilmembers Evans and Wright.

School Board Members Present: Board President Futrell (seated at 4:15 p.m.), and Members Gorin, Pugh, and Zils. Student member Jennifer Millier was also present.

School Board Member Absent: Member Carle.


No comments were made by members of the public.


1. Report - Pathways Update

Mayor Condron called on Rick Moshier, Deputy Director of Public Works - Engineering, to give an update on the construction of pathways in the Southwest Area. Mr. Moshier then reviewed the schedule for each project. He pointed out that Federal funds were obtained for the Ludwig Avenue project, but due to the Federal funds, the project won't commence until next summer.

Board Member Gorin requested that a write-up of the pedestrian pathways update be provided to the School Board so that they can keep track of the various projects. Mr. Moshier indicated that he will ensure the Board receives the requested write-up.

Board Member Gorin then indicated that the School Board had received a letter from a concerned parent about safe access to Cook Middle School. Discussion followed regarding how the City works with the various school principals to ensure that the City knows the routes the children take to school. Board Member Gorin indicated that the School District would forward the letter to the City for follow-up.

2. Report - Transit System

Mayor Condron called on Bob Dunlavey, Director of Transit and Parking, for an update of transit service to the schools. Mr. Dunlavey indicated that ridership increased 17%. The largest number of students use the bus service in the afternoon.

A discussion followed regarding staggering the times for students finishing school and how this would help with peak periods of demand on the transit system. The respective staffs will continue to work on this problem.

3. Report - Teen Center

Mayor Condron called on Mr. Toliver, Director of the Teen Center, to give a progress report. Mr. Toliver indicated that site work will commence shortly. The building permit application was filed in November and construction should commence in January. The Program Director for the complex has been hired. Interior design work has commenced. The complex is scheduled to open next summer.

4. Discussion - Liaison with Teen Council

Mayor Condron opened a discussion on the establishment of a liaison with the Teen Council. Pat Fruiht, Community Affairs Coordinator, indicated that the Teen Council meeting is held every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. and that the group has a very high energy level. She said that the Teen Council is a very good way for the School Board to receive input on the needs of teens. Mayor Condron suggested that the Board teen member might want to attend the Teen Council meeting to gain additional information on teen needs.

5. Discussion - Safety at Schools During Crisis Situations

Mayor Condron called on Police Chief Michael Dunbaugh for a report on school safety. Chief Dunbaugh briefly reported on the status of school officers and what they are doing. The need for a written crisis safety plan was extensively discussed.

Chief Dunbaugh distributed information on the location of sex offenders in the community and the policy protocols on distributing sex crime information.

Board Member Pugh indicated that the parents of students want to know what the Police Department will do in the event a crisis occurs. He suggested that Chief Dunbaugh provide a letter indicating what they would do. Chief Dunbaugh suggested that this is why a plan is necessary; i.e., so that everyone will know what to expect. Chief Dunbaugh indicated that it is not possible to write such a letter at the present time because a plan is needed first.

Dr. Vigil, Superintendent of Schools, indicated that staff is updating their crisis plan at the present time. Board Member Pugh inquired if sex offender data is available to school principals and was informed that it is. Chief Dunbaugh also indicated that offenders are restricted from schools by law by a certain distance.

Councilmember Vas Dupre asked who informs the schools about the sex offender data. She was advised that the Police Department does so.

Board Member Gorin inquired about safe access to schools and if the Police Department is aware of any problem areas. Chief Dunbaugh responded that there are concerns, but no problem areas at this time. This type of data is being developed by School Resource Officers.

6. Discussion - More Joint Use

Mayor Condron opened a discussion related to the joint use of facilities. Recreation and Parks Director Chuck Rust indicated that good progress is being made and that there are no problems at this time.

40 Developmental Assets Program

At this time Mayor Condron called on Nancy Vogel for a presentation of the 40 Developmental Assets Program. Ms. Vogel indicated that this program measures internal and external factors which make young people a success. It has been used to test 300,000 young people and is viewed as a positive way to reach them. Ms. Vogel distributed information on the program and how it works.

Mayor Condron indicated that the program gets information directly from young people and that it would work best through the schools. Board Member Gorin inquired about the costs of the program. Mayor Condron replied that the cost is not a concern at this time.

Board President Futrell expressed concern about the amount of school time already taken up by non-school activities. A general discussion followed on the merits of the program and the need for accurate data on problems confronting youth in the community.

2000 Census

Ms. Fruiht presented a brief status report on the 2000 Census and how the schools might work with the City in obtaining an accurate count of residents. Data will be available from the Census Office in Santa Rosa. Board Member Zils indicated that accurate counts are also important to City Schools.

Mayor Condron thanked the School Board for their support of the Schools Resource Officer Program. Board Member Gorin asked whether the City is still considering a poll to find out voter approval of City projects. Mayor Condron replied that a poll is being considered by the Youth Athletic Trust at this time, but that the City is still interested in a bond issue for youth sports.


The next joint meeting of the City Council and Santa Rosa City Schools Board was scheduled for January 10, 2000, at 4:00 p.m., City Hall, Mayor's Conference Room, 100 Santa Rosa Avenue. Possible Agenda items are: results of the polling survey, a Safe Access to Schools Agreement, the Child Care Needs Survey, and Highway 101 and the City's preferred plan. Mayor Condron stressed the need for the School Board to submit their position on Highway 101 to the City before the City's public hearing.


Hearing no further business, Mayor Condron adjourned the meeting at approximately 5:40 p.m.