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Don't flush unused or expired medication.  Don't put them in the garbage either!  Dispose of them for FREE at one of the participating drop off locations.


While wastewater treatment removes most pollutants, trace amounts of some substances may be harmful to aquatic life.  Over the last decade there is growing evidence that pharmaceuticals, when flushed down the toilet, tend to persist in highly treated wastewater.  Continual, multi-generational exposure of aquatic life to multiple pharmaceuticals is proving to have negative consequences on our environment.

The City of Santa Rosa is sponsoring the Safe Medicine Disposal program to allow for the safe disposal of unused and unwanted medications. Bring unwanted medications (in original containers with personal information marked out) to any participating location for safe disposal during business hours.

To view Drop Off Locations and see what medications are accepted, visit our website at the link below:

Safe Medicine Disposal Program

"This Program is a Supplemental Environmental Project that offsets financial liabilities and satisfies requirements set forth in Administrative Civil Liability Order No. R1-2010-0075 issued to the City of Santa Rosa by the Regional Water Quality Control Board."