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New Amalgam Management, Requirements for Dental Practices

Dental practices that remove and/or place amalgam fillings must use approved amalgam management practices and install an amalgam separator.  Such a separator is in addition to chair-side traps and vacuum filters that may already exist.  The separator device must be ISO-certified to remove 95% of amalgam particles.

These new regulations are going into effect in the following cities:  Cotati, Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa and Sebastopol.

Exempt Facilities

A facility is exempt from this requirement if amalgam fillings are removed or placed 3 or fewer days per year and the facility serves the following primary function:

  • Orthodontics
  • Periodontics
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgery
  • Radiology
  • Oral pathology or oral medicine
  • Endodontics
  • Prosthodontics


Become a Pollution Prevention Partner

The City of Santa Rosa Environmental Compliance Section inspects dental practices every three years.  If the inspection shows that the office is in compliance with their Wastewater Discharge Permit, as well as the required Best Management Practices from the City Sewer Code Title 15.08.567, then the dental practice will be acknowledged as a Pollution Prevention Partner.

As a Pollution Prevention Partner the practice will receive a certificate and be listed on our website. 

                                                       Pollution Prevention Partner Certificate


Our Pollution Prevention Partners

  • James Abbott, DDS
  • Aesthetic Dental Center of Santa Rosa (Gary Latham, DDS)
  • Harry Albers, DDS
  • Joseph Aymar, DDS
  • Jeffrey Bean, DDS
  • Daniel Bornstein, DMD
  • Mirabel Cayco, DDS
  • Cotati Family Dentistry
  • Michael Danford, DDS
  • Gina Fontana, DDS
  • Jared Fortman, DDS
  • Mark Frey, DDS
  • Robert Grove, DDS
  • Josh Hammer, DMD
  • David G. Harris, DDS
  • Frank Hodges, DDS
  • J. Patrick Hurley, DDS
  • E. Jang Dental Corp
  • Kevin Jeffers, DDS
  • Leslie Jue, DDS
  • Mark Kroncke, DDS
  • Armen Kupelian, DDS
  • Valeria Lawrence, DDS
  • Krystle Lim, DDS
  • North Bay Dental Care
  • Gerret Osendorf, DDS
  • Anna Pascual, DDS
  • Phillips Family Dental
  • Hiko Ruo, DMD
  • Darin Schettler, DDS
  • Smile Care
  • Stony Point Dental Care
  • David Terribilini, DDS and Philip Terribilini, DDS
  • Patricia Webb, DDS
  • Western Dental Services (Montgomery Dr)




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