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Laguna Treatment Plant 

Water Reuse System

Santa Rosa's Regional Water Reuse System is comprised of eight sections that operate and maintain the Laguna Treatment Plant, Compost Facility, and the Recycled Water Distribution System.

  • The Laguna Treatment Plant is a tertiary-level treatment facility that has an average daily dry weather flow of 17.5 million gallons per day.
  • The plant utilizes a 60 KV Power Substation, a 2.2 megawatt UltraViolet Disinfection system and a Co-generation Facility with three 900 KW Waukesha lean-burn engines. This facility serves the Subregional partners including the Cities of Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Cotati, Rohnert Park and the Sonoma County South Park Sanitation District.
  • The Oakmont Treatment Plant has an average flow of .5 to .6 MGD and operates between April and October. The Subregional Compost Facility is an agitated, aerobic, naturally heated, biological process that produces approximately 12,000 cubic yards of compost annually.
  • The Reclamation system comprises 6,130 acres and utilizes 45 pump stations that deliver reclaimed water to the buried pipe and above-ground irrigation systems

Santa Rosa's Laguna Wastewater Treatment Plant 
4300 Llano Rd,
Santa Rosa CA 95407

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