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Weather data from the City of Santa Rosa Municipal Services Center Weather Station (located at 69 Stony Circle, Santa Rosa) are updated every 30 minutes. Day Rain starts at zero at midnight each day and Year Rain starts at zero on July 1 of each year.

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 Average Monthly Rainfall

Average Annual & Monthly rainfall.
July  0.03  0.03
August  0.11   0.08
September  0.45  0.34
October  2.03   1.58
November  5.73  3.70
December  11.39  5.66
January  17.36  5.97
February 22.58  5.22
March  26.15  3.57
April 28.17  2.02
May 29.04  0.87
June 29.29  0.25

From California Data Exchange Center
rainfall data for station SRO.