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The Citywide Creek Master Plan, draft EIR, and EIR Addendum were approved by the City Council on August 27, 2013.

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 Citywide Creek Master Plan

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Citywide Creek Master Plan

The Citywide Creek Master Plan presents a set of creek-related policies and recommendations for site-specific improvements to the nearly one hundred miles of creeks that flow through Santa Rosa. The plan was originally adopted in 2007 and the updated version was adopted by the City Council on August 27, 2013.

Development of the Master Plan was guided by an enormous amount of community interest and input, from public workshop and creek tour participants, creek stewards, neighbors, educators, activists, local businesses, non-profit organizations, and local, state, and federal agencies. This updated plan represents the project team's efforts to remain faithful to the vision expressed by the community.

The Citywide Creek Master Plan incorporates creek-related policies from several previous planning documents, including the Santa Rosa Creek Master Plan (1993), Santa Rosa Waterways Plan (1996), and the Santa Rosa 2035 General Plan (2009).

Recommended habitat preservation, enhancement, and restoration projects, and improvements to the creekside trail system are presented conceptually and specifically by watershed. Project recommendations are based on community input, literature reviews, and extensive field survey work. Site-specific recommendations are presented in the text and on a set of Geographical Information System-based maps, organized by watershed area.

Implementation of the Master Plan will occur over several years, perhaps decades, and will be accomplished through partnerships with citizens, organizations, agencies, and the development community. Project funding will come primarily from grants or other funding sources designated for restoring fish and wildlife habitat and for improving creekside recreation, access, and transportation opportunities.

Our local creeks have the potential to enhance our hearts, our minds, our health, our connections to each other and with the natural world. It is up to all of us who live, work, and play in Santa Rosa to each do our part to help make the vision expressed in this Plan become a reality.


Appendix A. The Planning Process
Appendix B. Creek Dreams: Expanding the Vision
Appendix C. Cultural Resources Assessment
Appendix D. Natural Resources Habitat Assessment
Appendix E. Recreation, Access, and Transportation Project Details
Appendix F. Hydrologic Assessment
Appendix G. Santa Rosa Creek Design Guidelines
Appendix H. Pierson Reach Restoration Concept Plan
Appendix I. Roseland Creek Restoration Concept Plan
Appendix J. Upper Colgan Creek Restoration Concept Plan
Appendix K. Lower Colgan Creek Restoration Concept Plan
Appendix L. Preliminary Cost Estimate
Appendix M. Funding opportunities
Appendix N. Resolutions from local governing bodies


 Citywide Creek Master Plan Maps

The Citywide Creek Master Plan identifies seven Watershed Planning Areas.  Each Watershed Planning Area is discussed in Chapter 4 of the document and there are maps that depict the creeks and existing and planned features.  The maps are available as PDF documents and are also available in the City's Geographic Information System.  To access the GIS maps, visit the City's Silverlight Interactive City/County Map and select the "Creek Master Plan" map theme.

Map Key
Santa Rosa Creek 1
Santa Rosa Creek 2
Santa Rosa Creek 3
Santa Rosa Creek 4
Oakmont Creek 1
Oakmont Creek 2
Brush Creek 1
Brush Creek 2
Matanzas Creek
Paulin and Piner Creeks 1
Paulin and Piner Creeks 2
Paulin and Piner Creeks 3
Southern Santa Rosa 1
Southern Santa Rosa 2
Southern Santa Rosa 3
Todd Creek


 Plan Summary

The Citywide Creek Master Plan is comprised of the plan document, which includes five chapters and a technical appendix, and 16 maps depicting seven Watershed Planning Areas including Brush Creek, Matanzas Creek, Oakmont, Paulin and Piner Creeks, Santa Rosa Creek, Southern Santa Rosa, and Todd Creek.

Citywide Creek Master Plan adopted August 27, 2013  

 Technical Advisory Committee

California Department of Fish and Game
California Department of Transportation
Coastal Conservancy
Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation
Madrone Audubon Society
Milo Baker Chapter of the California Native Plant Society
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Fisheries
National Park Service Rivers and Trails Program
North Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board
Redwood Chapter of the Sierra Club
Santa Rosa Cycling Club
Sonoma County Agricultural Preservation and Open Space District
Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition
Sonoma County Regional Parks
Sonoma County Trails Council
Sonoma County Water Agency
Sotoyome Resource Conservation District
Trout Unlimited
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service