To report a spill call 707-543-3800
Link tot he Storm Water City Ordinance
Link to the City Sewer Ordinance
Pollution Prevention information for Carpet Cleaners 
Carpet Cleaners use many types of products that can contain pollutants.  If spilled or disposed of improperly these contaminants can pollute our local creeks.

The most important thing to know about sewers and storm drains is that they are two different systems. When water flows off your property, it flows directly into the storm water drainage system. The storm water drainage system consists of street gutters, inlets, catch basins, and ditches. Many people believe that storm water gets “cleaned” but it does not.  Rather, it flows directly into our creeks, rivers, lakes, and the ocean without any treatment at all.  Only the water that goes down a sink, toilet, or another inside drain flows to the wastewater treatment plant. Toxic material cannot be discharged to either system.

As a valued member of the local business community, we know that you are invested in protecting the quality of life that your customers, members of the community, and visitors enjoy.

Your Job Done Right

  • Always drain wash water to the sewer.  Never let it go to the street, storm drain, or landscape.
  • Before you get started, find the sewer clean out you are going use.  Or, be prepared to collect the wash water for later disposal to the sewer system.
  • Filter wash water through a wire mesh strainer to remove solids.  Throw away solids in the trash.
  • Keep your equipment and hoses in good repair to eliminate any leaks.

Are You Ready to Respond to a Spill?

  • Have a written plan.
  • Train your employees on procedures and equipment use.
  • Have your plan and spill cleanup equipment accessible on your work vehicle.
  • Know how to handle hazardous materials.
  • Have Material Safety Data Sheets for any products you are using.
  • Remember, even soaps labeled “biodegradable” or “environmentally safe,” are toxic to fish.
  • Report hazardous spills at (707) 528-5151 or 911.

Santa Rosa Contact Information

  • To report a spill call (707) 543-3800.
  • To report a hazardous material spill, such as oil or gasoline products call 911 or (707) 528-5151.
  • To get information on proper disposal of materials call (707) 565-DESK (3375), or go to www.recyclenow.org.
  • For help implementing these measures or if you have questions about storm water, call (707) 543-4200.

Releasing pollutants directly into the storm drain system or a waterway violates the City of Santa Rosa’s Storm Water and Sanitary Sewer Use Ordinances.


 Telephone Contacts

707-543-4200 Storm water and the storm drain system

Questions on hazardous materials disposal and recycling www.recyclenow.org

707-543-3800 If spilled material reaches the storm drain system

or call 911
If spilled material is hazardous

 Outside of Santa Rosa

The City of Santa Rosa Environmental Compliance section also serves the City's of Cotati, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, and Windsor who are Subregional Partners.  Click here for information and resources outside of the City of Santa Rosa.