Urban Reuse

NEW UPDATE: The first phase of expanded use of recycled water for landscape irrigation in Santa Rosa has been completed. We currently have twenty four customers online and it is estimated that by using recycled water for landscape irrigation we are saving approximately 45 million gallons(MG) or more of potable drinking water per year.

The Subregional System’s existing urban reuse program currently includes the irrigation of many schools, parks and businesses in Rohnert Park including Sonoma State University. In Santa Rosa, recycled water is used at Finley Park, a Place to Play sports complex, and Oakmont Golf Course. Expanding urban reuse is a high priority for the City because of its dual benefits: 1) increasing the area’s water supply options and 2) providing an environmentally friendly method of disposing the area’s wastewater.

Urban ReuseThis component examines options for increasing the annual amount of water used for urban reuse by 500 million gallons (MG) or more over the next couple of decades. New residential and business developments in southeast and southwest Santa Rosa and northern Rohnert Park will be considered for dual piping systems; these are systems in which homes and businesses are plumbed with separate recycled water delivery systems for outdoor irrigation purposes. Studies for the Urban Reuse component also include looking at using recycled water for commercial or industrial processes.

Opportunities are being evaluated that not only expand urban reuse but also have the potential to enhance future water supply. Using more recycled water for irrigation and industrial purposes means preserving our precious drinking water sources. 

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