The City of Santa Rosa successfully delivered 35 BILLION gallons of recycled water to Calpine as of December 2011

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Innovative and Responsible Reuse
In November 2003, in a novel approach to water reuse, the Geysers Recharge Project began pumping 11 million gallons per day of highly treated wastewater from the Laguna Treatment Plant to The Geysers steamfields, high in the Mayacmas Mountains. In January 2008, the current delivery is up to 12.62 MGD and helps generate enough electricity for 100,000 households in Sonoma and other North Bay counties.

The City of Santa Rosa developed the Geysers Recharge Project, which has been recognized and lauded worldwide, as a weather-independent component of their reuse system. Other reuse components include agriculture  and urban irrigation, and river discharge in winter months when irrigation opportunities are minimal and water levels are high.

Geysers Recharge Project

On these pages you can learn more about the many years of planning and construction that went into building the Geysers Recharge Project, which consists of a 40-mile pipeline, four pump stations, and a terminal tank located high in the Mayacmas Mountains. You’ll be given a peek into the project’s daily operations including the advanced computer systems that monitor and control the project on a day-to-day basis; and you’ll learn about the process by which the recycled water pumped through the system is used at The Geysers steamfields to generate electricity.

There is a page of Facts & Stats for those who love the details. And history buffs will enjoy reading about the colorful past of The Geysers region.

So, welcome to the Geysers Recharge Project Web site. We hope you enjoy the experience. If you have questions, comments or would like to arrange for a tour of our operation, please contact us.