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Water Quality

One of the most important factors in water quality is the source. Santa Rosa's primary water source is the Russian River, which produces high quality drinking water.

Before this water reaches your tap, Santa Rosa and the Sonoma County Water Agency takes many steps to ensure its quality. This includes performing regular testing to ensure your water meets - or exceeds - state and federal standards and carefully managing our water distribution system.  

Annual Water Quality Report

In 2015, your drinking water met or surpassed every state and federal public health requirement.

2015 Water Quality Report Now Available (Click Here)

Previous years' reports can be viewed here. If you would like a report mailed to you email us at waterquality@srcity.org or call 707.543.3965.

About Lead

Santa Rosa's drinking water is very low risk for lead contamination. Santa Rosa's water pipes are typically copper or plastic with few older homes having galvanized iron. In addition, lead service lines are not common and all new household plumbing fixtures are required to be lead free.

Additionally, to reduce the risk of corrosion, the pH of your drinking water is adjusted with sodium hydroxide.

Our water system produces high quality drinking water that does not face the water quality concerns that affect many public water systems throughout the United States.

Click here for more information about the Lead and Copper Rule.

Santa Rosa Water provides water testing up to the water meter. Beyond the water meter, the plumbing system belongs to the customer.  If you are concerned about your home’s private plumbing, you can have your drinking water tested by a private laboratory.

Where Your Water Comes From

Santa Rosa's primary source of drinking water is from the  Sonoma County Water Agency. The Water Agency produces water from the Russian River that is pumped from wells about 100 feet below the river bed. This system of pumping is called river bank filtration. Six groundwater wells, also known as collectors, pump the water through natural sands and gravels that act as a filtering system. The Water Agency does not provide surface water taken directly from a river or lake to its customers.

View an interactive diagram of the Water Agency's transmission system.  


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Water Quality

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e-Mail: waterquality@srcity.org

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday 8:00am-5:00pm and every other Friday, 8:00am-4:00pm 

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