water reservoir

The City of Santa Rosa’s Water System consists of over 600 miles of water mains ranging from 4” up to 24” pipe, over 50,000 water services and meters, more than 6,000 fire hydrants and over 26,000 water valves. The Water System also includes 19 Water Booster Pump Stations and 22 steel reservoirs all monitored by our telemetry system using radio, conventional phone lines, and cellular phone systems to connect to our SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) System.

The Water System is maintained by Local Water Construction crews who are responsible for mainline, valve and sample station repairs and the maintenance and repair of fire hydrants. They also are responsible for City-side water service line repairs, the plastic service replacement program and several hundred miles of water mains. This division includes a Weekend Crew to perform maintenance, repairs and provide customer service during extended hours.

The City of Santa Rosa Utilities Department maintains a Customer Service/ After Hours Truck.  This truck responds to all water leaks, fire hydrant knockdowns and other water emergencies reported by the public.