BPU Members

Dan Galvin (appointed by John Sawyer)
Bill Arnone (appointed by Tom Schwedhelm)
Richard Dowd (appointed by Ernesto Olivares)
Leonard Holt (appointed by Erin Carlstrom)
Megan Kaun (appointed by Chris Coursey)
Jack Tibbetts (appointed by Gary Wysocky)
Mary Watts (appointed by Julie Combs)

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The BPU approves utility projects and awards contracts in accordance with procedures adopted by the City Council; negotiates property acquisitions for each utility consistent with the policies and practices of the City Council and within the parameters of state law; rents and leases utility property and property needed for City utility purposes consistent with the policies and practices of the City Council and within the parameters of state law; and awards contracts for maintenance, services, supplies and professional services needed by each City utility in accordance with Council adopted procedures. 

City of Santa Rosa > Departments > Water > Boards and Committees > Board of Public Utilities

The BPU has general policy authority and direction over the management and operation of the City's water and sewer utilities.  The Board also directs other utility operations managed by the City and utilities owned or operated by the City.

The Board of Public Utilities (BPU) consists of seven members appointed by the City Council and meets on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of each month at 1:30 p.m. Public participation is invited. Meetings are located in the City Council Chamber at 100 Santa Rosa Avenue, unless otherwise indicated.  BPU agendas are available to the public on the City Web Site and by phoning the BPU recorded hotline at (707) 543-3397.  

To receive the BPU agenda via email please click on the envelope on the right to sign up or to receive additional information, contact Gina Perez by email or call (707)543-4202.

BPU Agendas, Meeting Videos and Documents


                                        Board Members

Richard Dowd 

  Leonard Holt
Dan Galvin

Richard Dowd

Leonard Holt

 Dan Galvin

Megan Kaun
 Bill Arnone
    Mary Watts
Megan Kaun
Vice Chair
Bill Arnone

Mary Watts






             Jack Tibbetts' picture
Jack Tibbetts



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