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The Water Conservation subcommittee of the Board of Public Utilities was formed in the late 1980’s when water conservation was becoming an element of increasing importance for all water utilities and consumers in California.  The primary function of the subcommittee is to provide guidance on the City of Santa Rosa’s Water Use Efficiency Program implementation, develop ideas for new water use efficiency measures, evaluate new water use efficiency technologies, and promote public education surrounding using water efficiently. 

The subcommittee consists of three members from the Board of Public Utilities, and city staff from the City Manager’s office, the Finance Department and the Utilities Department.  The Board of Public Utilities members who currently serve on the Water Conservation subcommittee are Leonard Holt, Jack Tibbetts and Mary Watts.

Since the subcommittees’ inception, water conservation has become a key element in both long-range water supply development and wastewater planning for the City of Santa Rosa.  This subcommittee has supported many inventive and successful programs such as the “Go Low-Flow” Plumbing Incentive Program, High Efficiency Toilet Rebate Program, and Green Exchange Rebate Program, result in sustained saving of over 4.01 million gallons of water per day.

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