Tiered Water Rates
Effective January 1, 2007, the City implemented a tiered rate structure for single-family residential and dedicated irrigation customers.  The user charges are made up of tiers specific to the type of customer (single family residential or dedicated irrigation). In 2010, the City added a fourth tier to the the single-family residential tiered rate structure.  Single family residential customers typically have one water meter that serves a single house, and only pay for the water and/or sewer charges related to the use at that house. Dedicated irrigation customers are typically businesses with a separate water meter used solely for landscape irrigation.  Click here to view current water and wastewater rates

Water Conservation’s Effect on Water and Sewer Rates
The City of Santa Rosa has implemented a broad range of water conservation measures that result in sustained reductions to water use and wastewater flow. These measures have been evaluated for long-term cost-effectiveness and determined to be the least costly option for water supply and wastewater treatment. While short term increases in water and sewer rates may result from water conservation measures, these measures are cost-effective in the long term and provide reliable long-term water savings. In 2002, the Board of Public Utilities adopted a policy statement on the effect water conservation can have on water and sewer rates. Click here to view the policy statement.

Water Rate Structure Analysis and Alternative Conservation Pricing, 2005
In 2005, new technologies and information within the City and statewide led the City to reconsider the water rate structure for irrigation usage. With the assistance of The Reed Group, Inc., City staff worked with the Water Conservation Subcommittee of the Board of Public Utilities to study a variety of water rate structure issues. This effort resulted in recommendations to implement a three-tier commodity rate structure for the City’s single family residential and irrigation customers. The recommendations did not include a change to the rate structure for Multi-Family Residential and Commercial customers.  Click here to view the entire water rate structure study.

Conservation Pricing and Santa Rosa's Water Rates, 2001
In January 2001 the City of Santa Rosa entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the Sonoma County Water Agency (SCWA) and ten other agencies receiving water through SCWA’s facilities (MOU signatory agencies). The SCWA MOU committed the City to evaluate its water rate structure with respect to providing incentives for water conservation.  In February 2001, the City of Santa Rosa retained The Reed Group, Inc. to evaluate the City's water rate structure to determine whether or not it is considered "conservation pricing" as defined by the best management practices (BMPs) of the California Urban Water Conservation Council (CUWCC). The report concludes that the City’s rate structure clearly met the definition of “conservation pricing." Click here to view the entire water rate study.