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Water-Use Efficiency Check-up

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A Water-Use Effiency Checkup is a FREE on-site review of indoor and outdoor water use.

Water-use efficiency staff will review indoor water using appliances, check plumbing fixtures for leaks, measure the flow rates of all showerheads and faucets, and check toilet flush volumes.

The outdoor checkup will include an inspection of the irrigation controller, an audit of irrigation hardware, and a check for leaks and broken sprinklers.

Staff will prepare a report of findings regarding current water use and make recommendations to the residential customer with regard to increasing water use efficiency. If current fixtures are not low flow, free showerheads and faucet aerators will be provided. Educational materials and information on water conservation rebates and incentives will also be included with the Water Conservation Checkup Report.

It is Easy! If you are interested in scheduling a Water-Use Efficiency Checkup all you need to do is call the Water-Use Efficiency Hotline at (707) 543-3985.