Residential Rebates

 Green Exchange Graywater  Picture of A Multi-Family Complex 
"Green Exchange"
Rebate Program
 Graywater ReUse
 Multi-Family Water Survey
Receive a rebate for removing turf or improving the efficiency of your irrigation system Reuse your graywater on your landscape and receive a rebate A free onsite water analysis with recommendations and free hardware



 Rainwater Harvesting

 Diagrahm of Ricirculating Hot Water Pump
 A picture of a house
 Rainwater Harvesting Rebate Recirculating Hot Water Pump Rebate  Water-Use Efficiency 
Check up Program
Get a rebate for capturing rainwater and reusing it on your landscape Install a recirculating hot water pump and receive a $100 rebate This is a free onsite analysis of both indoor and outdoor water use



 Blue Clothes Washer  Audit Kit

Faucet with money

 High-Efficiency Clothes
Washer Rebate
 DIY Home Survey Kit Sustained Reduction Rebate 

 Replace your inefficient washer with a qualifying high-efficiency clothes washer and receive a rebate

 This is a Do-It-Yourself kit to help analyze leaks and indoor &
 outdoor water use

Earn a rebate of $200 per  1,000 gallons of sustained monthly savings