Rainwater Harvesting Rebate


Save money and conserve water by capturing and using rainwater in your landscape!

Residential and/or Commercial Rebate:

$0.25 per gallon of storage

  • Rebate is limited to the estimated peak month gallons of water use for your site
  • Rebate cannot exceed the cost of materials.
  • Labor is not included in rebate amount.

To participate, call the Water-Use Efficiency Hotline at (707) 543-3985 to schedule your required free pre-inspection.

Register for a FREE Rainwater Harvesting Workshop

At this workshop, learn how to properly and safely construct a simple catchment system for home installation. Workshops dates listed below:

Wednesday • Dec 7 • 9am - 11am • 69 Stony Circle
Wednesday • Dec 7 • 6pm - 9pm • 69 Stony Circle

*Due to staffing issues, the January workshops have been CANCELLED
Saturday • Jan 14 • 9am - 11am • 35 Stony Point Road
Sunday • Jan 15 • 9am - 11am • 35 Stony Point Road

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Rainwater Harvesting Resources


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