"Green Exchange" Rebate Program

Green Exchange After Picture

Allows customers to receive rebates for the removal of turf and/or the upgrade of water conserving irrigation hardware. For eligibility and program details please email us at wue@srcity.org with your name, address, and telephone number or call the Water-Use Efficiency Hotline (707) 543-3985.  

Save money and conserve water by improving the efficiency of your existing irrigation system, and/or by replacing the underutilized grass at your home or business.

The State of California has introduced a rebate program that may supplement the City of Santa Rosa’s rebate program! For more information, eligibility requirements and to prequalify with the State visit www.saveourwaterrebates.com

Rebate Amounts:

Drought Special! $1.00 per square foot! 


Cash for Grass Rebate:  $1.00/sq. ft. up to max of 500 sq. ft. or $500.00

Irrigation Hardware Rebate:  $100.00* for qualifying equipment/hardware 


Cash for Grass Rebate:   $1.00/sq. ft. up to 5,000 sq. ft. max or $5,000.00

Irrigation Hardware Rebate:  $1,000.00* for qualifying equipment/hardware

*Rebate cannot exceed the cost of materials.  Labor is not included in rebate amountCash for Grass and Irrigation Hardware Rebate cannot be issued for the same treated area.

***Artificial turf is not eligible to be rebated as part of the Green Exchange Program*** 

Article: Why Artificial Turf is not rebated