Business Rebates

Green Exchange Rebate Program

"Green Exchange"
Rebate Program:
Receive a rebate for removing turf or improving the efficiency of your
irrigation system.

High Efficiency Toilet Program

High-Efficiency Direct Install Toilet Program
Program ended June 30, 2010.


Urinal Picture

High-Efficiency Urinal Rebate Program
The rebate pays up to $450 per urinal replaced with a high-efficiency urinal that uses 1 pint of water per flush or a waterless model.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Rebate
Get a rebate for capturing rainwater and reusing it on your landscape.

Graywater Reuse Rebate

Graywater ReUse
Reuse your graywater on your landscape and receive a rebate.

Clothes Washer 

High-Efficiency Clothes
Washer Rebate

Receive a rebate of $350.00   per coin-operated washing machine with a water efficient model.

Commercial Laundry 

Sustained Reduction Rebate
Earn a rebate of $200 per 1,000 gallons of sustained monthly savings.

PreRinse Spray Nozzle 

  Best Available Technologies Incentive
Receive a reduction in sewer demand fees for laundromats and restaurants who apply the best available technologies at their new site.

Commercial Building

Water Use Survey and Analysis
This is a free onsite analysis of both indoor and outdoor water use.

Water Management Picture

Water Management Rebate
This rebate is for dedicated irrigation accounts that manage their water below a specific water budget.

Water Meter

 Service Split Incentive
Receive money for installing a separate meter for irrigation use.