Business Rebates

Green Exchange Rebate Program

"Green Exchange"
Rebate Program:
Receive a rebate for removing turf or improving the efficiency of your
irrigation system.



Commercial Laundry

Sustained Reduction Rebate
Earn a rebate of $200 per 1,000 gallons of sustained monthly savings



Urinal Picture

High-Efficiency Urinal Rebate Program
The rebate pays up to $450 per urinal replaced with a high-efficiency urinal that uses 1 pint of water per flush or a waterless model.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater Harvesting Rebate
Get a rebate for capturing rainwater and reusing it on your landscape.

Graywater Reuse Rebate

Graywater ReUse
Reuse your graywater on your landscape and receive a rebate.

Clothes Washer 

High-Efficiency Clothes
Washer Rebate

Receive a rebate of $350.00   per coin-operated washing machine with a water efficient model.

Commercial Building

Water Use Survey and Analysis

This is a free onsite analysis of both indoor and outdoor water use.



PreRinse Spray Nozzle 

  Best Available Technologies Incentive
Receive a reduction in sewer demand fees for Laundromats and restaurants who apply the best available technologies at their new site.



Water Management Picture

  Water Management Rebate

This rebate is for dedicated irrigation accounts that manage their water below a specific water budget.


Water Meter

 Service Split Incentive
Receive money for installing a separate meter for irrigation use.