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Santa Rosa Water is divided into three separate Enterprise Funds; water, local wastewater and subregional, to maintain accountability to the rate payers by ensuring revenue received for each of these services is used only to provide that particular service. Water Enterprise revenues cannot be used for other City purposes like Police and Fire services, with the exception of those services directly benefiting the Water Department, including such things as accounting, payroll, human resources, City Manager, City Attorney, and City Council services.

Water includes water supply planning, water purchase, water quality, storage, distribution and maintenance, repair and replacement of the City’s water system. Local Wastewater includes collection and transportation of wastewater from customers to the subregional treatment plant and maintenance, repair and replacement of the collection system. Subregional includes long range planning and compliance; current environmental monitoring and compliance; and industrial waste pretreatment, treatment, testing, disposal and reclamation of the collected wastewater for Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, Sebastopol, Cotati and the South Park County Sanitation District.

For information on the City of Santa Rosa's current budget process, please click here.

For Water budget information for 2015/16:

Please click here for Santa Rosa Water's Preliminary Budget Analysis and Annual Report.

For information on the water and sewer rate structure changes and increases for 2015 through 2020, please click here.




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