Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

On August 2nd, 2005 the City of Santa Rosa made a commitment, through the adoption of Resolution No. 26341, to reduce the City's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to facilitate the reduction of community wide GHG emissions. In response to this commitment, an expansion of the services of the Department of Utilities is being considered that would include promoting and developing sound and sustainable energy practices including using renewable energy and implementing energy efficiency and conservation methods.

Solar Energy Projects

Laguna Treatment Plant (Ground mount)

Municial Service Center Fueling Station

Alpha Farm

Station #4

Utilities Field Operations Center 

Brown Farm

• Laguna Treatment Plant (roof mount) *Site Coming Soon*


Biosolids Reuse

Wastewater Treatment

Fuel from Aquatic Biomass


Santa Rosa Community Solar

The Santa Rosa community has installed over 500 solar projects since 2008. For an interactive map, click the picture below.

Santa Rosa


 Residential Resources