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What is Your Utility Doing?

The City of Santa Rosa's Utilities Department main duties are to

              • deliver fresh water
collect and treat waste water
              • reclaim waste water

We are committed to lowering our energy bills, through energy efficiency and renewable energy projects,  so we can make delivering, collecting and  treating and reclaiming water and waste water as inexpensive to our ratepayers as possible.

Energy Efficiency
Energy Efficiency- Learn more about the Utilities Department's efforts to reduce our energy usage in our buildings.
Renewable Energy
Renewable Energy- Learn about the Utilities Department's solar systems.
Fuel from Aquatic Biomass
Fuel from Aquatic Biomass- Learn about how the City grows its own fuel from aquatic biomass
Biomass Management System
Biosolids Management System- The City is certified by the National Biosolids Partnership for our Biosolids program.
Geysers Operation
Geysers Recharge Project- In 2003, this project began pumping water to the steam fields generating clean renewable electricity.
Recycled Water
Recycled Water Project- The City has used recycled water for irrigation, and generating electricity for many years.
Zero Waste
Zero Waste efforts- The Project Development team is responsible for many efforts to be zero waste including:
• Dish library- Reusable plates and utensils collected and used for employee
and banquets
• Online training- Reduces driving to conferences and meetings
• Offering compost, recycle and trash bins at Utilities Department events

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