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What Can I Do? What is Your Utility Doing? Talk to Us!

What Can I Do?

The City of Santa Rosa is committed to helping our customers save money, get involved in our local community and learn more about our environment. Each of the programs below are hosted by different divisions within the Utilities Department. Please contact them by clicking the appropriate link below.


Save Money at Home 

Take it From the TAP!- Learn about the City's program to promote drinking tap water at home. Special educational resources for teachers and kids.
Water-Use Efficiency- Rebates for water saving devices includes a free indoor or outdoor water check up.  
Green Tips- Learn more about ways to live more sustainably!  
Solar Resources- Want to install solar at your own house or business? Learn more here!


Get Involved


Earth Day- Volunteer, sponsor, be a vendor or attend.


Sustainable Solutions for Sonoma County (S3)- Be a sponsor or attend this conference.


Creek Stewardship- Volunteers needed.

Safe Medicine Disposal Program
- Drop off your unwanted medications, don't flush them! 


Educational Resources

Green Tips- A free monthly publication on a variety of environmental services and programs. 

Where Does My Water Come From?- Learn more about your drinking water.

Recycled Water- Learn more about the City of Santa Rosa's recycled water project.

Water Quality- Learn about Santa Rosa's water quality.

Storm Water and Creeks- Learn about our Santa Rosa creeks.

Teacher Resources- Helpful information to teach your kids about Santa Rosa tap water.





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