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Take It From the TAP

The City of Santa Rosa, Environmental Projects leads the Take it From The TAP program, which provides in class education to Santa Rosa students about Santa Rosa's excellent water quality and the health and economic reasons to drink tap water. The program also offers free stainless steel reusable water bottles to students to encourage them to drink Santa Rosa's safe and clean drinking water.

Pledge your love to tap water and get a free sticker to
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Water drop


Curious about where your water comes from? Find out more information here.


Teacher resources


Are you a teacher? Click here for free resources for your classrooms.



Buy your bottle here! Only $10 with all proceeds dedicated to purchasing water bottles for Santa Rosa school children. Buy your reusable stainless steel water bottle now and your community will benefit!

 Who else Takes it From the TAP?

Why Take It From The TAP?

Save Money

• For $1.50, you can buy one 16-oz plastic bottle of water OR you can buy over 250 GALLONS of fresh high quality  Santa Rosa tap water!

Save Resources

  • By reusing a stainless steel bottle, you avoid buying (and tossing) an average of 400 disposable plastic bottles each year.
  • • Water bottles take oil to produce. Save a bottle and save the oil used to produce and ship the bottle.

    Better Health

  • Did you know that EPA rules & regulations are stricter for tap water than bottled water?

  • You can lessen your exposed to chemicals that can leach from plastic bottles.
  • Santa Rosa tap water meets or exceeds all State and Federal Standards. In fact we perform (and pass) over 2000 laboratory tests  of our water each year!

    For more information on City drinking water, please visit the Water Quality page.


     KRCB Interview !

    Listen HERE for a KRCB interview explaining some interesting facts about bottled water and our Take it From the Tap Program

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