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Fuel From Aquatic Biomass
(This project is now retired.)

The City of Santa Rosa's Laguna Treatment Plant, in collaboration with Sonoma State University, has developed a Fuel from Aquatic Biomass (FAB) project with funding from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) and the Clean Energy Commission (CEC).

The FAB project is divided into two phases: The first phase consists of channelized wetlands which demonstrate the water-purifying capacity of aquatic vegetation in wastewater. The second phase consists of two anaerobic digesters that use the aquatic vegetation from the first to produce renewable energy by the production of methane. The methane is captured from the digesters and used to charge electric vehicles.

Aquatic Biomass Fuel Process


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The FAB project recieved the folowing awards:

• ACWA Theodore Roosevelt Award 2009
• ICLEI's Climate Innovation Award
• Pearson Sustinable Solutions Award
• 2008 IREC Innovation Award