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May 15, 2011

On February 15, 2011, the City Council adopted the 2010 Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan Update.   On April 5, 2011, the City Council directed Community Development staff to proceed with zoning code amendments for bicycle parking requirements for new and redevelopment projects. 


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 Master Plan Documents

Santa Rosa Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan - Final (52MB pdf)


What is the Santa Rosa Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan?

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Chapter 1 Intro and Setting

Chapter 2 Existing Conditions

Chapter 3 Recommended Pedestrian and Bikeway Networks

Chapter 4 Pedestrian - Bicycle:  Education and Safety

Chapter 5 Implementation and Prioritization



Appendix A - Planning Documents Reviewed 

Appendix B - HDM CH 1000 Bikeway Plan & Design

Appendix C - HDM CH 105 Pedestrian Facilities

Appendix D - Citywide Creek MP Street Crossing

Appendix E - Sample Street Surface Standards

Appendix F - Proposed Changes to Zoning Code

Appendix G - MTC Resolution # 875

Appendix H - BPAB Resolution & Staff Report

Appendix I - Bicycle & Pedestrian Questionnaire

Appendix J - Greenhouse Gas Resolution # 26341

Appendix K - National Bicycle & Pedestrian Documentation Project

Appendix L - Sidewalk Ordinance

Appendix M - Standard 200L - Rural/Hillside Street

Appendix N - Design Guidance - Accomodating Bicycle & Pedestrian Travel

Appendix O - CalTrans DD-64-R1

Appendix P - Assembly Concurrent Resolution 211

Appendix Q - California Complete Streets Act (AB 1358)

Appendix R - MTC Resolution No. 3765

Appendix S - 2001 BPMP Appendix D - Reference for Four-Three Lane Conversions

Appendix T - CCMP 3.3.4 Trail Traffic & Transportation Design Standard

Appendix U - BPMP Unit Cost Assumptions

Appendix V - Wilson Street Corridor

Appendix W - Wilson Street Focus Group Presentation

Appendix X - Resolution No. 27835 Adopting Master Plan

Appendix Y - Resolution No. 27836 Adopting the General Plan and Downtown Station Area Specific Plan Amendments

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