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While sales tax revenues have steadily declined over the last several years, CityBus and Santa Rosa Paratransit services were not reduced, relying on unallocated funds from prior years to make up the difference between sales tax revenue losses and budget needs. These funds will be depleted in the next couple of years which will lead to severe service reductions unless we act NOW to reduce expenses and increase revenues.

Santa Rosa CityBus staff presented the following recommendations during a study session for City Council. The recommendated changes were adopted at the November 13, 2012 City Council Public Hearing.

These changes will become effective on Sunday, February 3, 2013.

Changes include:

  1.  Fare Increase

 Fare Type  New Fare
 Adult - Cash  $1.50
 Half - Cash  $.75
 Youth - Cash  $1.25
 Adult - Monthly Pass  $50
 Half - Monthly Pass  $25
 Youth - Monthly Pass  $35
 Adult - Ticket Book  $60 no increase
 Half - Ticket Book  $22 no increase
Youth - Ticket Book $38 no increase
Paratransit - Ticket Book $30

  2.  Transfer Policy Reform: Transfers will be issued on request only and will be valid for 2    
       transfers within 90 minutes of the time issued.

  3.  Service Reductions:

       a.  Eliminate Sunday service on Route 1.

       b.  Reduce weekday frequency on Route 2 to 60 mins.

       c.  Reduce weekday frequency on Route 6 to 45 mins.

       d.  Reduce Saturday frequency on Route 12 to 60 mins.

       e.  Reduce weekday frequency on Route 15 to 60 mins.

       f.  Reduce weekday frequency on Route 17 to 60 mins.

       g.  Eliminate the first and last Route 18 trips on weekdays.

We know fare increases and service reductions are very difficult on everyone. A great deal of analysis and work has gone in to developing these recommendations.

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Below is the FINAL SRTP 2012-2021. Adopted by the Santa Rosa City Council on November 13, 2012

Short Range Transit Plan 2012-2021

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