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Welcome to the City of Santa Rosa Geographic Information System (GIS) page

Here you will find a wide assortment of PDF Maps you can download directly to your PC to view or print. We also have Interactive Maps for the City and County that allow you to zoom in and out, control which GIS layers are displayed and get various kinds of information through Map Tips and Reports.  Additionally, you can get information about other GIS services provided by the City of Santa Rosa.

Downloadable PDF Maps
Free, requires Adobe Reader - many pre-formatted maps for viewing and/or printing.

Silverlight Interactive City/County Map
Free, works best with IE, does not work with Chrome.  Going away soon.

HTML5 Interactive City/County Map
Free, works with most browsers, both desktop and mobile.  Will replace Silverlight soon.

Subscription GIS
Not free, requires viewer install and login - adds additional functionality to Interactive Maps.

Other Fee-Based Services
Printed Maps, Labels, etc - we are a full service GIS shop!

Send any questions to our GIS Coordinator at mhargreaves@srcity.org

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