What you need to know about the Santa Rosa Recreation & Parks Department

The City of Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department offers recreation facilities, services, and programs to the community.  The city’s park system has nearly 700 acres of developed park land. “Neighborhood Parks” are 10 acres or less and “Community Parks” are over 10 acres in size.  We keep our parks safe, clean and green providing residents a connection to the natural environment. We provide wonderful recreation and leisure programs for all ages at our three Community Centers and two pools. We are especially proud of our Summer Camp experience for kids ages 6-12 and of our Volunteer Programs.  Check out our Activity Guide to learn more.

 1.      How do I find out about classes & programs offered by Recreation & Parks?

Two times a year we produce an “Activity Guide” that lists activities offered by the department. The Fall/Winter brochure is available in August and the Spring/Summer brochure is available in February. Our Activity Guide is mailed to our current customer mailing list only.You may also view the Activity Guide on-line at www.santarosarec.com. If you would like to be on our mailing list, please call us with your address at 543-3737 or 543-3282 or email us at e-reginfo@srcity.org.  Be sure to ask for your family PIN and barcodes numbers so you can register for classes and programs online or by Automated Phone System. We mail our Activity Guide to customers who have taken a class, camp, activity or swimming lessons within the past two years of the current season.

2.      How can I register for classes and programs?
We offer five registration methods.  Choose the method that’s easiest for you. Click here to learn more about registration.

3.      What is my family pin # and bar code?

Your family pin and barcode numbers allow you secure access to our online or automated phone system for program registration.  To obtain your family pin and barcode or if you’ve forgotten it, please call either community center at 543-3737 or 543-3282. 

4.      What are “Measure O” programs?
Your tax dollars at work!  In 2004, residents of Santa Rosa approved Measure O, a ¼ % sales tax to support our local Fire and Police Department.  Part of that measure, funds a gang prevention & intervention program run by Recreation & Parks’ Neighborhood Services.

Barcodes and PINs
1. What are Client Barcodes and Family PINs, and how can I get them? Each family member has a different Client Barcode. However, there is only ONE Personal Identification Number (PIN) that is shared by your family members. Any family member can sign in and register other family members. The Client Barcode used to sign in does not have to be the person being registered. This system uses the same Client Barcodes and Family PINs as the Leisure Line registration system. If you have never registered for a course before, and you would like to be issued a Client Barcode and Family PIN, or would like more information regarding Barcodes and PINs, simply call 543-3282 or 543-3737.
2. What is the difference between a Client Barcode and a Family PIN?
Every member of your family has a Barcode that identifies you to the system. Your Family PIN is a Personal Identification Number or password that allows you to log on to the system. Your PIN should be kept confidential and can be changed by you at the top right of the My Account tab.
3. I already have Client Barcodes and PINs for the Leisure Line registration system. Do I need new ones for E-Reg?
The Client Barcodes and the PIN you are using for the Leisure Line are the same as the ones used for E-Reg. Please note: if you change your family PIN on the My Account tab, the new PIN will be required for the Leisure Line. Remember to keep your family PIN confidential.
4. I forgot my Client Barcodes and/or PIN. What should I do now?
If your email address is in our database, you can click on the I Forgot My Client Barcode or Family PIN link on the My Account tab where you log into the system. Your Client Barcode and PIN will be e-mailed to you. If your email address is not recognized, you will receive a message that we were unable to email the information to you and you should call either Finley Community Center at 707/543-3737 or Steele Lane Community Center at 707/543-3282, during business hours.
5. I do not live in Santa Rosa. Do I qualify for access codes?
Anyone who lives outside the city limits of Santa Rosa is considered a non-resident. However, non-residents qualify for Client Barcodes and PINs. Non-residents can register using the same methods as residents, including E-Reg or the Leisure Line. For most courses or activities, there is an additional $10.00 per course per person fee for non-residents. My Account
1. I would like to add one or two more family members to my account. How do I do this? If you are adding a family member and require a Client Barcode, please contact either Finley Community Center at 707/543-3737 or Steele Lane Community Center at 707/543-3282.
2. I would like to change my mailing address. How can I do this? In order to change your address in the system, please contact either Finley Community Center at 707/543-3737 or Steele Lane Community Center at 707/543-3282.
3. What email address should my family provide for E-Reg? Only the email address of the Main Contact is logged into the system. This enables the account holder to control who has access to the Family PIN with the I Forgot My Client Barcode or Family PIN function.

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1. What are the registration start dates for Spring, Summer, and Fall? Course registration start dates coincide with the seasonal release of our Activity Guides.

2. How do I register for a course?

  • Search for programs on the Activities tab.
  • Add the desired course to your Basket by clicking the ADD button.
  • Enter your Client Barcode and Family PIN.
  • For each registration select the family member you wish to register from the Client Selection drop box.
  • Using the tabs on the top of the page, move back and forth between the My Basket and Activities tabs until you have all the desired courses in your basket.
  • Finally, click the Go to Checkout button and make your payment with either Visa or Mastercard.

3. How can I see what courses my family members are currently registered in? Click on My Account and sign in. Once you have successfully signed in, the My Account page will contain the names of all your family members. Click on History for each family member, or for All Clients to see details of current registrations.

4. How do I withdraw from a course? Also see Refund Policy Withdrawals may be made up to seven (7) days prior to the start of a course without loss of fees:

  • Click on the My Account tab.
  • Enter your Client Barcode and Family PIN.
  • Click the History button beside the appropriate family member (or select All Clients).
  • Make the desired withdrawals by clicking on the Withdrawal button beside the applicable courses.
  • Your account will be credited with the class fee. Call our office at 707/543-3282 to obtain a refund.

5. If I do not know the course barcode, how do I search? You can search for a course barcode on the Activities tab by keyword, activity, brochure section or facility. If you have a copy of the Recreation and Parks Adventure Guide, you can locate the course barcode in the appropriate section.
6. Are there programs that are not available in E-Reg? Some programs will not be available through E-Reg or the Leisure Line because the fees are either paid at the door, the fees are very complex, or a course has already started.
7. How do I register a child from another family? If you are registering a child from another family, the child will have to be added to your family account. Family account modifications can be made by calling the Finley Community Center at 707/543-3737 or the Steele Lane Community Center at 707/543-3282, or in person at either location.
8. How will I know if a spot becomes available after I have waitlisted? If a spot should become available due to another person canceling or transferring out of the course, you will receive a call from either Finley or Steele Lane Community Center. At that time, you can decide whether to take or decline the spot. If we leave a message for you, you must return our call in a timely manner in order to request that spot.
9. What is the procedure for registering if a participant does not meet the age requirement? Registrations for participants who do not meet the age requirements for courses or activities are required to be approved by the Recreation and Parks Department. Therefore, neither E-Reg nor the Leisure Line will allow you to register if you do not meet the required age at the start of the course. For more information, please call the Finley Community Center at 707/543-3737 or the Steele Lane Community Center at 707/543-3282.

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Refund Policy
1. General Refund Information

  • Full refund will be issued if the request is received seven (7) days prior to the start date of the course.
  • If a refund is requested less than seven (7) days prior to the start of a course, a 25% cancellation fee will be charged. If preferred, we will transfer the participant to another course, whenever possible.
  • No refunds or changes allowed 24 hours prior to the start of the course.

2. Trips & Tours Refund Policy

  • Full refunds will be issued if the request is received seven (7) days prior to the trip, less prepaid expenses (unless your seat is resold).
  • Refund requests received less than seven (7) days (each day ends at 5:00 p.m.) prior to the trip will be subject to a 25% cancellation fee.
  • Any special refund policies will be noted in the trip description.
  • No refunds or changes allowed twenty-four (24) hours prior to the start of the trip.



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