Finalists' Proposals

Here are the other four finalists' proposals:






Dedication "Whole Some" by Boback Emad

June 28, 2008




Boback Emad was educated originally as an architect; Boback graduated California Polytechnic University in 1991. He has worked as a sculptor for many years, attributing the inspiration for his strong, steel sculptures to Julio Gonzales, David Smith, Alexander Calder and Mark De Suvero. His dynamic works can be found in many notable collections, including the Children's Hospital in Seattle, WA, the Spokane Museum of Art, Spokane, WA and the Loveland Art Museum, Loveland, CO. His art work can be seen around Sonoma County, including pieces at the Sonoma Country Day School in Santa Rosa and at Auberge du Soleil in Napa. Visit www.bobackemad.com for more information.


In May, 2007, the City of Santa Rosa's Art in Public Places Committee announced a new public art commission opportunity for an artist to design and implement a permanent art project in a streetscape location, as a landmark element at College and Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa, California. The art project should create a distinctive visual landmark for the entrance into the city center and contribute to the downtown area.


The City's new Art District contributes to the Art and Culture Element in the City's General Plan 2020, which calls for the creation of more inspiring places for the residents and visitors of Santa Rosa to enjoy. This public art project contributes to these goals and others such as with the Redevelopment Plan and the Main Street Program. The project site was identified as a gateway or entrance to the Downtown Arts District from the north, and will distinguish the downtown area, as well as complement the Ned Kahn installation at the west entrance on 3rd Street and the Charles Ginnever sculpture at the south entrance in Juilliard Park. The site itself is located on the property of Superior Floor Coverings, the owners of which have welcomed the opportunity to participate in the project and in the selection process.


This project was identified as a priority for the new Downtown Arts District. The total $50,000 compensation for the art will come from the seed money allocated from Economic Development and Redevelopment to initiate the New Downtown Arts District.


The five finalists' proposals were on public display at the Santa Rosa Plaza Mall from September 7 thru October 7. The public was invited to view the artists' maquettes, sketches and other display materials. Public comments were welcomed!


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 Selection Process

The artist selection process started with the announcement of the College and Mendocino Avenue Public Art Project Opportunity, open to professional artists residing in the San Francisco Bay Area. Twenty-two highly qualified artists answered a "Request for Qualifications".

A Selection Panel of seven professionals was formed to represent the site owner, the City of Santa Rosa, and the arts community. We would like to thank these people for their assistance with this project: Michael Olsen- Superior Floor Coverings, John Sawyer- Art in Public Places Committee, Sally Baker- Arts Council of Sonoma County, Charles Evans- Redevelopment Agency, Debra Lehane- Public Art Consultant, Ralf Konietzko- Design Review Board and Judy Voigt- Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation.

The Selection Panel reviewed the 22 artists' qualifications by viewing submitted slides and resumes. They took on the difficult task of selecting five artists which are best qualified for this project.


The five finalists were: Riis Burwell, Robert Ellison, Boback Emad, Daniel Oberti and Bryan Tedrick. They were all given information regarding the specific site and the community's vision before they went to the drawing board to further develop their concept proposal.

These proposals were presented to the Selection Panel on August 30, 2007. The Panel made their final selection on September 27, selecting Boback Emad to be the recommended artist. After the Art in Public Places Committee gave their unanimous approval, Boback and his proposal were submitted to the City Council on October 23 and again unanimously approved.

 Special Thanks

The Santa Rosa Recreation and Parks Department would like to thank the Santa Rosa Plaza Mall and the Voigt Family Sculpture Foundation for their support with this project.