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Kristin Meuser: Alchemy + Stitches
Also showing are artist/collaborators Regina Gilligan (paint, paper, cloth, thread), Katie Haas (mixed media portraits), and Linda Wong (mono prints)

December 13, 2016 – January 26, 2017

Reception: Friday, January 6, 5 - 7pm

Alchemy: The big bang, inner landscapes, chemistry, alchemy, heaven and earth. These are all the qualities that sustain Kristin's interest in working with metallic surfaces and mild acids on canvas. Humidity, heat, sun and shade, layers of metal suspended in paint, reacting with past applications - conspire to create a state of wonder. "They’re impossible to re-create. Impossible to ‘fix'. It would be like trying to contain fog."

Stitches: Kristin loves operating machines. Sewing machines, typewriters, cars. It goes way back to her grandma teaching her to sew on her treadle machine, learning to type in high school, loving to drive her VW bug. These pieces are like driving with a sewing machine down the winding roads of her mind and emotions. Sometimes the road is smooth, sometimes rough. Sometimes there’s a dead end and a sense of frustration. It’s process sewing. She has little preconceived idea of how it will go, and she is delighted to witness its unfolding. "It’s a window into what makes me tick."


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National Arts Program

National Arts Program: 14th Annual Exhibition and Competition

January 30 - March 31, 2017

Awards Reception: Sunday, March 5, 3-5pm

Santa Rosa is one of over 80 cities across the country that participate in The National Arts Program. The program’s purpose is to foster local artistic talent, reward creative accomplishments and encourage a greater appreciation of art. Two hundred local artists of all ages, amateur and professional, showcase their art in this exhibition. Come and see the talent of your fellow Santa Rosans!




Monday-Friday 8:00am-6:00pm


Finley Community Center, 2060 West College Avenue in Santa Rosa. Click here for a map.