Current Exhibits:

Alice Larsen

Alice Larsen
June 24 – July 31, 2014
Reception: Thursday, July 10, 5-7pm

Alice Larsen has loved art-making since she was a little girl. Playing with color, shape and texture is a constant source of amazement, as she seeks to make her creation speak about what she is feeling in her deepest heart. Larsen is also amazed by people―their faces and bodies, such fascinating vessels for life energies. Her work is filled with feelings, interpretation and colors, which are hardly ever in traditional colors.



Model Ship

Redwood Empire Model Shipwrights: Ships of the Ages
June 24 – July 31, 2014
Reception: Thursday, July 10, 5-7pm

This exhibit features ship models of various eras, showing the development of ship design over the centuries. These intricate creations showcase the artistry and craftsmanship of local men and women, all members of the Redwood Empire Model Shipwrights. The skills demonstrated by the builders of these models will awe and inspire visitors to challenge their creativity, if not in model ship-building, perhaps in some other area of artistic effort.




Current Exhibits:



 Nancy Morgan

Nancy Morgan
July 14-September 26, 2014

Nancy Morgan explores ideas, forms, glazes and techniques connected with clay. "I really enjoy creating functional pieces that people can use in their homes. I started out by needing a water bowl for my dog and that led to an interest in water fountains and bowls." For Morgan, one idea leads to another and the journey is as interesting as the end product. She strives to retain whimsical and unpredictable elements in her work.



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