Current Exhibit:


Sarah Ammons: Thought Patterns

On Display Through November 17, 2016

Sarah Ammons' paintings and drawings express the daily psychological reality that is the human struggle. She uses pattern to represent a sense of personal history in memory and as a representation of the patterns we develop in our relationships, behaviors, and interactions. Inspired by Lacan's psycholanalytic theory and the expressive figurative work of Egon Shiele and Paula Rego, Sarah uses color, line, and organic hand-drawn patterns to investigate relational dynamics and the role of personal history.  

Upcoming Exhibit:




Catherine Richardson: Increasingly Precious

November 22, 2016 – January 12, 2017

Reception: Friday, December 2, 5 - 7pm

Beneath the layers of civilization, with its man-made structures and organizations, here is the land; the living, pulsing sphere; the physical reality of an immeasurable force that we are interdependent with. Catherine Richardson’s artwork is a cultivation of her connections to the natural world. It becomes a practice of dissolving ego and allowing questions, musings and poetics to create dialogue with the art making process. This exhibit references the rapidly changing higher latitudes of our planet. The layered imagery suggests activity in the arctic ice-melt, mineral extraction and glacial mobility. This work is fueled by research, emotions, imagination and Catherine’s observations from flying over Greenland during her annual journeys between UK and California.



Viewing hours by appointment only. Please call (707) 543-3010.


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