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Park Rules

We want you, your family, and friends
to have a safe, fun and enjoyable park experience!

 Help keep our parks safe, clean, and green


We need your help to keep our parks safe, clean, and green!  Make sure you know the park rules before visiting our parks.  This will help everyone to have a safe and enjoyable time in our parks!

Park Rules

Inflatible Structure

Dog Park Rules

Things you can do to be safe in a park:

  • Be aware of your surroundings - be vigilant and aware of where you are and who is around you.
  • Call 911 in an emergency.
  • To report non-emergency concerns or issues
    • Call (707)543-3770 Monday-Friday (9 AM-4 PM)
    • Call (707)543-3805 for nights, weekends, and holidays
  • Do NOT leave anything visible or valuable in your car, not even in your trunk.
  • Closely supervise your children as they play in the park.
  • Only use park equipment and/or facilities for their intended purpose.
  • On hot days, drink plenty of water.

Walking, Jogging, and Biking:

  • On the path - project confidence and strength.
  • Do not wear headphones; they impair your senses, especially persons approaching from behind.  Being able to hear makes you more aware of your surroundings.
  • Pedestrians should walk or jog facing oncoming traffic.
  • Go with a friend.
  • Let someone know when you begin your walk or jog.  Tell them the route you will be taking and when you plan to return.  Inform them when you do return.
  • Wear proper safety equipment, bright clothing, helmet when biking, proper footwear.

Trust your instincts!  If it does not seem right, request help from others or report emergencies by calling 911. 


Ducks at Howarth Park
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